Why Grey Is The Perfect Cosy Colour For Autumn/Winter

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The clocks have changed and now it’s dark by the time I finish work during the week – the perfect time to hibernate and curl up in front of the fire with allll the candles. Traditionally I don’t get much done around the house between October and April but now could be the ideal time for a freshen up.

We normally think about spring as being the perfect time to indulge in a little bit of DIY but imagine using autumn for that time instead. Creating a cosy haven to escape into for the chilly months ahead, whether that’s a living room, bathroom or bedroom.

One of the three main colours I have featuring throughout our home is grey, and I think I’ll always love it. For me it’s everything – a neutral, a warm colour, an accent, ideal for accessories, the backdrop that goes with everything. We have dark grey walls in our office which is a small box room and far from making it smaller, creates a warm atmosphere. Our kitchen walls are a taupey-grey which is the background to the pink and green cupboards and really helps them take centre stage.

I also love how evocative it is for this time of year: foggy morning walks with Maddie trampling through the damp leaves, or the misty smoke left in the air from fireworks and bonfires. Then wrapping up at home with a snuggly grey Teddy blanket (although I have to fight Boo for it as he’s taken to wrapping himself up like a burrito!)

Some say grey has had its day, but I’m here to share some stunning wallpapers with you and show that grey doesn’t have to be dull or old-fashioned. It’s versatile, fresh, contemporary and can lend itself to so many different styles. Let’s go!

Contemporary Wood Panel

Whilst I am a bit of a traditionalist and always saw panelling as being best suited to older homes, I LOVE how many people are embracing it and creating their own styles in homes both old and new. I love this Contemporary Wood Panel paper which can be used in a dining room with a bench covered in soft furnishings and candles on the table. Or add it to a feature wall in a bedroom (yes, you can still do feature walls if you want to 😊) behind the bed with hanging pendant lights and lots of throws.

Image: I Love Wallpaper
Imogen Plain

I absolutely adore soft, tranquil colours in a bedroom and until just recently when I redecorated with Tranquil Dawn (a greeny-grey shade), we had pale grey walls and I loved them. I spend a lot of time in the bedroom at this time of year because I suffer from cold intolerance and will hop into bed after dinner with my iPad to catch up on boxsets. For me it’s really important to feel warm and calm and the Imogen Plain is the perfect paper to achieve that. It’s plain enough to accessorise with bolder colours but at the same time up close still has an interesting mottled pattern.

Image: I Love Wallpaper
Patina Concrete Effect

I’ve spoken previously about maybe thinking of incorporating an industrial style when we do our ground-floor extension. Sometimes the industrial look can be considered a little clinical and minimalist, which can make it harder to create that cosy atmosphere. However, by using a patina effect rather than a single colour, it gives a depth to the wallpaper ideal for a modern look. I’d love this for a kitchen with low-level lighting and brass accessories for an inviting finish.

Image: I Love Wallpaper
Liquid Marble in Charcoal & Gold

Of course a selection wouldn’t be complete without something utterly decadent and luxurious would it? For me grey is naturally a very calming, tranquil colour but it’s just so versatile that anything goes. I love this Liquid Marble in charcoal and gold, a sultry, opulent look which absolutely lends itself to this time of year and I think would look absolutely beautiful with dark wood furniture and maroons and dark greens – Christmas themed wallpaper anyone?

Image: I Love Wallpaper

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration as to how you can use the colour grey successfully around your home. From panelling effect to pure luxury, I Love Wallpaper have you covered.

Post in collaboration.

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    I love this post, some of these wallpapers are stunning!!

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