Final Touches To Add To Your Wedding Guest Look

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Wedding season is officially here. While it’s wonderful to be invited to a wedding, it isn’t always easy to know what to wear, particularly if you’re on a budget. If you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer and are looking for ways to spruce up your outfit, here are some final touches you can add to your wedding guest look.

Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

If you’re on a budget, you may find you need to wear the same dress to multiple weddings. One way of switching up your look without breaking the bank is to wear it with a different pair of shoes each time.

Pairing your wedding guest outfit with different shoes each time, whether that’s with a different style of shoe, a different heel height or a different colour can completely change your overall look.

Consider shoes in complementary or contrasting shades. Consult a colour wheel if you’re unsure or consider different summer palettes.

You’ll also want to think about what type of shoe is going to be most appropriate for the wedding in question. Outdoor weddings don’t lend themselves well to stilettos and kitten heels but a smart pair of ballet flats or wedges can work well, whereas a formal, indoor ceremony might be better suited to court shoes, Mary Janes, or a peep-toe sandal.

Use Your Head

Another way to add that all-important finishing touch to your wedding guest outfit is to give some extra thought to your hair and what accessories you’ll be wearing on your head.

Some of this may be weather dependent, particularly since the British summer can’t always be relied upon to provide sunshine and clear skies! You could pair summer wedding guest dresses with a matching headband or hair clip. Or if you’d prefer your hair to be tied up and off your face, then opt for hair pins or ribbons that match your outfit.

Traditionally, women wore hats to weddings, and if you’re attending a formal or vintage-themed wedding, you might want to consider investing in one that matches your dress, but if you’re not a hat person, don’t worry, a fascinator can work just as well.

A Touch of Glitter

A touch of sparkle can be a great way to spruce up any outfit. This works particularly well if you’re attending both the daytime ceremony and evening reception, as it allows you to jazz up your outfit in between for a whole new look.

There are different ways to add glitter to your outfit, whether it’s a dash of fabric glitter onto your dress, a touch of spray-on body glitter across your collarbones or down your arms and legs, or a glittery eye makeup look to switch up your vibe from day to night.

Just remember that when it comes to glitter, less is more. You want to add a little sparkle without trailing reams of glitter in your wake as you dance the night away!

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