How To Create An Industrial-Look Home…with Wallpaper!

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Image: I Love Wallpaper

The other day I was chatting with someone on Instagram, saying that in order to take advantage of every home idea I liked, I basically needed between 4-5 houses just so I could renovate each one in a different style. IMAGINE THE FUN!

Alas, unless I win the Euromillions this is very unlikely to happen (and even then, could I really be bothered?) so in that case it’s best to simply swoon over the home accounts on Instagram, inspiration on Pinterest and through the pages of interiors magazines and think about what choices I would make if I was to change up our home décor.

Despite my penchant for greens, pinks and the odd splash of floral wallpaper, one of my favourite alternative looks is the neutral/industrial vibe. Oh my goodness there are SO many dreamy houses that I love online and although I don’t think I could ever live in a completely neutral home, I do feel like maybe our impending ground floor extension is the opportunity to try something quite different to my normal look. I Love Wallpaper is an online British interior brand that offers a wide range of wallpaper designs in any style you can imagine, including an incredible selection of industrial style tactile textures.

In my dream alternative life I have a stylish converted warehouse in Brooklyn, all exposed walls and polished concrete. But I could also recreate that look through the power of concrete and brick effect wallpaper. Brick slips have been a popular trend over the last few years, but they’re hard to cover over if you change your mind. Polished concrete looks absolutely stunning but it’s expensive and out of the range of many modest budgets.

Thankfully wallpaper has come on a long way since I was growing up in the 80s when brick effect was definitely something we wanted to leave in the past. This Battersea Brick Wall Effect wallpaper offers a perfect alternative to going to the effort of exposing brick, in a range of warm and calming neutrals.

Image: I Love Wallpaper

For more of a rustic, moody brick effect, the Brooklyn Brick wallpaper in black would be a great option for a kitchen or dining space, especially combined with high ceilings and contrasting wood-effect floors. The rust tones contrast beautifully against the darker greys and give the wallpaper a very realistic depth.

Image: I Love Wallpaper

Typically we associate certain colours with an industrial style, but thinking about injecting a bit of colour I love the Patina Concrete Effect Wallpaper in teal. This would indulge my passion for greens in our home, mixing nature with a little bit of luxe and would be perfect for a chic bedroom look. If green is too much and moving away from the traditional industrial colours, the same wallpaper also comes in grey.

Image: I Love Wallpaper

If you like more of the Scandinavian aesthetic, or perhaps live by the coast then wood-effect wallpaper would be right at home. It gives the same calming appearance as real wood walls and would also be a fabulous choice for a garden room or conservatory.

Image: I Love Wallpaper

I’m excited to make plans for our open plan kitchen and dining project and I think if I had to pick one, concrete effect wallpaper may well be making an appearance. It’s going to be a modern, airy open space and will be exciting to think about a totally different style.

I Love Wallpaper currently have 10% off their entire range of concrete and metallic wallpapers, so you can achieve the look for even less.

If you had to pick one look, what would it be?

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  1. Amida
    September 17, 2021 / 8:52 am

    oh wow, this is new to me, however am really liking it! love the green one, where can I purchase it? you should check out at for 3D home designs plans. reallllly good.

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