Could Luxury Vinyl Tiling Help Drive Up Your Rental Income?

If you own property that you let out for rent, you know, as many others do, that it is a competitive market. Tenants can spend a long time researching properties, locations, and costs, and whilst their need for a home is high, they will shop with both the appearance and the cost of the property very high on the list of priorities.

At the time of writing, it is estimated that there are over 8 million rental households in the UK with over half of that number being in the private rent sector. With the varying mortgage rates, general cost of living, and low rises in wages, this number is set to increase as people choose to rent rather than buy. However, even though demand is high, those renting will be keen to find the best property that suits their budgets but also provides added comfort and style. So as a landlord, you need to keep this in mind. 

A property that is well-designed, well-furnished, and easy to look after provides you with not only a more marketable home but also a home that could deliver much better rental yields than one that has been furnished too simply, shows signs of age or hasn’t been cared for. One way you can help achieve this is through luxury vinyl tiling. An affordable, versatile flooring option that provides you with many benefits.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Tiling?

Luxury Vinyl Tiling, or LVT as it is often referred to, is an affordable, durable flooring option that adds an air of quality to your home you may not have first thought possible through a synthetic product.

Its appearance gives the impression of wood or stone and allows you to help theme your room in a design aesthetic that suits a variety of styles. Using multiple layers of PVC, vinyl and resin that are then compounded with plasticisers and stabilisers, the result is something that not only looks incredible but is built to last, is easy to clean, is suitable for any room of the home, and most of all, affordable.

Why Choose LVT For A Rental Property?

When you let out a property, you put a large degree of trust in the tenants that they will treat the property respectfully. Accidents happen though and it’s almost guaranteed that there will be spillages, breakages, or scratches occurring throughout the tenancy. For the most part, the tenant will deal with these themselves and have them rectified without even having to let you know. A spilt drink on the carpet doesn’t really warrant a landlord call, does it? More substantial damage on the other hand does though, and the costs for fixing them will be coming out of your pocket initially.

Opting for LVT flooring helps you avoid some potentially costly repairs and allows you to feel more reassured that the home will be relatively free from some of the problems you could encounter if you had gone for carpet.

Firstly, luxury vinyl tiling provides you with an extremely durable surface that is highly resistant to dents, scratches, stains, and spillages. This makes it a great surface for kids’ bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. 

Secondly, the low level of maintenance LVT flooring requires sees it as easy to clean. Making the check-in and check-out procedure one less concern for both you and the tenants. Plus, thanks to the low level of care needed, you can take extra solace from the fact you won’t be getting a call out for repair jobs that you may get with wooden flooring or carpet.

Next, and potentially of more benefit to you than the tenant is the affordability. When compared to many natural materials that provide a stunning look, LVT eclipses them. Affordable, and much more durable, you not only get a fantastic finish to the room, but you also spend less cash achieving it.  With its 20-year or so lifespan, you’ll also not need to replace it as frequently as you would carpet which then keeps further cash in your pocket!

Versatility is another fantastic bonus of using LVT flooring in your home. With it replicating wood or stone, you have a surface type that can suit any room.

Finally, in line with affordability, you have the rental appeal it brings. LVT flooring, adds a fresh, clean-cut style to any room it adorns. Prospective tenants get to see something visually stunning, something with a touch of class and something that, thanks to its low maintenance, always looks clean!

How Quickly Can I Install LVT Flooring In A Rental Property?

The switch between tenants can often be fast, meaning that there isn’t often the time for large maintenance jobs. The longer your property is empty, the more money you stand to lose, but LVT flooring can be installed very quickly between tenancies. This means you can deliver a rapid turnaround and give the new tenants a stunning upgraded property in next to no time. In most cases, you can have a new floor, ready to be walked on in as little as 24-48 hours!

However, if you choose, you could leave your property vacant whilst the flooring is being laid and other jobs are completed. You then put it back on the market with an increased rent based on the higher value you have helped now give to your property through refurbing it.

Add in that LVT flooring can be put over the top of your existing floor too and the level of maintenance and time is vastly reduced.

Can A Landlord Install LVT Flooring?

It is possible but it isn’t advised, Amtico LVT flooring is a premium product and would be best laid by an approved Amtico fitter. This allows you to have your floor fitted exactly in line with the best practices of Amtico flooring and see it in the best possible style. You could opt to install it yourself, but you could find it tricky and harm the longevity of your new floor.

How Long Will Luxury Vinyl Tiling Last?

If you have your LVT flooring installed professionally, there is no reason you can’t have the flooring last for 20 years or more. Perhaps add some cleaning information to your tenancy pack and those renting your property will see just how easy it is to keep it clean and not only deliver them the benefit whilst they live there but give you a benefit too!

Luxury vinyl tiling is a great option for landlords to consider for their rental properties. Affordable, visually pleasing and easy to look after, it stands to benefit both tenants and landlords. It gives your property a stunning upgrade and helps market your home as something that has not only been modernised but also designed with style in mind! Discover a style for your properties with Amtico today!

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