Choosing Towel Rails And Racks: The Essential Bathroom Accessories

A home can’t do without household fixtures. They’re the simple yet significant elements that make it functional and aesthetic, and they even help clear out some space. The rails for towels are the perfect example of this kind of element, and 

Even though we may consider towel rails to be mundane accessories most of the time, they can truly transform a bathroom when chosen and used correctly. At first glance, there’s not much to them, but delve a little deeper, and you’ll see their value. The practical purpose they’re created for, which is to hold towels, is a crucial one, as they can keep the pieces of cloth within easy reach whenever you need them, while at the same time ensuring they stay neat, dry, and organised. 

This makes for utmost function – no more wet, mouldy, and smelly towels lying across the floor, or draping over the countertops! On top of it all, they’re the type of hardware that can serve as a nice decorative touch with their material and finish, whether on their own or paired with other hardware pieces, like door, window, and cabinetry knobs and pulls which can create a beautiful, cohesive outcome. 
However, to make the most of them, you have to carefully choose from the range of top-notch towel rails available. To simplify the selection, it’s best to start with the basics.

Give The Rail Type A Thought

In general, your choice comes down to whether you prefer the regular or the modern heated type. The primary tends to be cheaper than the latter, though it’s still equally stylish and eye-catching as it can be found in a range of shapes and designs, from the straight and flat to the round. 

The latter is somewhat more expensive, and not that easy to install on your own, so it doesn’t make for a seamless DIY project as it would require professional assistance. But the heated towel rails are an investment that more than pays off as they give your bathroom a gorgeous, chic hotel appearance. 

Just be sure to consider the power source, as there’s more than one option. For more practicality without the hassle of pipework changes, the electric towel rail model is easily wired to your electrical system, which makes them great year-round, as it doesn’t depend on the central heating system. This model is also much loved for the convenience given that you can turn it on and off as needed, or program it if it’s the newer smart model. 

This makes for a cost-efficient and eco-friendly investment altogether, especially when you buy an Australian design that complies with electrical safety standards. On the other hand, if you want to connect the rail to the central heating, you have the plumbed rails and the flexible dual fuel rails that give you the best of both electric and central heating. 

Another distinction you’d have to evaluate based on your necessities is between fixed and swivel. Swivel is for those who are after a more space-savvy choice that also offers more flexibility with the towel placement, which guarantees more ease of use. The fixed are a classic for those after a tidier appearance and a minimalist outcome.

Remember, the Style is Important Too

As already noted, the towel drying rack is a bathroom accessory that also has a say in the décor. As such, its style is more than essential, so when shopping, it’s necessary to give this property some thought as well. There are plenty of options here too, with modern and sleek designs, industrial and raw, and traditional and more detailed being available at the homeware stores.

Depending on what you’re after, be it a mix-and-match look, or maybe something that matches the existing style, there’s an ideal rack to opt for. Have the other elements of hardware in mind in case you want to create a coordinated result for a more notable and impressive change. 

For the sake of keeping it simple, by design, I’m referring to shape, size and number of rails, plus colour and finish. In terms of the first, the shape, you’ve got the: 

  • wall-mounted flat traditional towel rails, 
  • wall-mounted round traditional towel rails, 
  • wall-mounted ladder towel rack, 
  • wall-mounted towel radiator, 
  • wall-mounted extendable towel racks,
  • wall towel rack, 
  • freestanding towel rail. 

With so many size variations and designs, it’s advisable to measure up your space properly to be able to decide on the most suitable rail or rack. In terms of the size and number of rails, you’ve got the: 

  • single hand-towel rail, 
  • double hand-towel rail, 
  • multi-towel rail,
  • round heated towel rail with several bars,
  • vertical ladder towel rail for multiple towels, 
  • vertical towel rack.

Based on where you intend to use the rail or rack, you can choose from single, double, or multiple designs fit for storing and drying several towels at a time. In terms of colour, the typical options you’ve got are: 

  • brushed brass,
  • brushed nickel,
  • chrome,
  • and matte black towel rail. 

Nowadays, it’s also possible to find other choices, like gold towel rail, white, matte white, vibrant orange, and green for those who want to add a nice pop of colour and make for a grand bathroom change without actually breaking the bank. 

Where is the Best Place to Put a Towel Rail in a Bathroom?

Anywhere where you need the towel within easy reach, i.e. near the sink, the bathtub, and the shower. While with regular rails, you don’t have to be too careful regarding safety, this is not the case with the heated towel rail, especially those connected to the electrical system. Ideally, they should be about 60 cm away from these water features. 

As for the height, it comes down to individual preference, mainly depending on how tall you are, and how high up you can reach comfortably without tiptoeing. Ideally, they should be about 60-120 cm off the ground. Be sure to measure up to find the perfect spot for you and your convenience, as this is a fixture or fitting that’s supposed to make your daily life easier and more pleasant.

As for where, it’s best to find the biggest wall so the result isn’t cluttering the overall décor, especially when it’s the case with a bigger and bulkier heated rail design. If the bathroom is smaller, and you don’t pick a space-savvy rack that can fit more, adding it above the toilet is another option. Still, make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the wall. In the case of the freestanding, it’s best it’s not in a high-traffic area. After all, this accessory is meant to add to the practicality, and not interfere with it.

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