How To Keep Your Holiday Home Looking Its Best

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Owning a holiday home is an excellent way to ensure that you’re never short of places to stay when you need a break. Of course, for many people, owning a holiday home also provides a healthy additional income. This excellent investment is likely to bring you a lot of pleasure when you stay in it yourself. But one issue you may have is keeping it looking its best. 

By its nature, a holiday home has lots of people coming and going. All this hustle and bustle can take its toll on the property. Soon, you may find that your much-loved holiday home is looking much less than its best. Keeping a holiday rental looking immaculate is vital. After all, guests are paying you good money to spend their valuable downtime in your property. If you’re hoping to keep your holiday let in pristine condition, these ideas should help:

Keep it simple

Unless your holiday home is designed with a specific theme, it’s best to keep the décor simple. Striking a balance between simplicity and style is key to success. Having too much stuff cluttering up the holiday home is going to make it get dusty faster and also makes it more likely that things will get broken. Instead, it’s much easier to opt for uncomplicated décor but to ensure that it looks effortlessly stylish. You can achieve this by sticking with a light and fresh colour scheme.

Choosing simple, low-maintenance flooring is also a wise idea. An easy to clean surface, such as laminate, is a great choice to avoid staining and damage. This simple flooring choice should keep your floor looking good for many years, as it’s more robust than carpet.

Schedule regular maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance will keep the holiday let functioning properly and looking great for your guests. So, figuring out a realistic maintenance schedule is a great way forward. It’s essential to get parts of the property, such as the air conditioning and heating system, regularly checked. Failing to do this could be a safety hazard. Likewise, if the home has a pool, you need to keep this in the best condition. This will involve ensuring the chemical levels in the water are safe and periodically arranging concrete pool resurfacing.

When you’re not living at a property, it’s easy to forget all the jobs that need to be done.

Make it easy to upgrade and update

Finally, to keep your holiday home looking its best, it’s important to make it easy for yourself. Decorate the walls using paint that can easily be touched up and wiped down when it’s inevitably marked. This is far easier than needing to wallpaper the walls continually. Selecting furnishing with loose covers that can be washed regularly is advisable. You can then prolong the life of the furniture, reduce waste, and save yourself a lot of expense in the process. 

Keeping your holiday home looking its best is so much easier when you employ a few clever tricks to help.

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