12 Small Decking Decor Tips To Maximise Your Space

Are you in a situation where you own a beautiful house with limited space and don’t know how to transform your deck into a cosy oasis?

We have got you covered.

Decorating a small deck can be quite challenging for so many reasons. Firstly, you have an idea of the decor you want, but it’s way past your budget.

Secondly, your budget may be flexible enough to do quality decor, but you don’t know exactly what you want. Third, your lifestyle and status could also be a challenge.

Good examples include a travel influencer who does not spend so much time at home and may be indecisive about decorating their deck or not, someone who entertains guests a lot at home, a family person who needs a deck safe for children, someone who has great decor ideas but has limited space to bring them to realization.

With this in mind, one would be forced to ask if it is possible to decorate a deck that is both suitable in functionality and aesthetics.

Not only will it be possible to decorate a deck that is functional for you and pleasing to the eyes, you can do it while maximizing the limited space that you have.

This article will enlighten you with tips on small decking decor tips that you can implement to maximize your space.

 Top 12 Small Decking Decor Tips To Maximize Your Space
  1. Choosing the right size and style
  2. Utilize walls and railings
  3. Strategic lighting for ambience
  4. Define your space and add comfort
  5. Bring life to your deck
  6. Create a sense of spaciousness
  7. Play with patterns for visual interest
  8. Add privacy and style
  9. Flexibility for different uses
  10.  Keep things organized
  11.  Add personality with purpose
  12.  Create a cohesive look
 Choosing the right size and style

When you step out to your deck, what size do you see? Do you see a large, medium or small deck? The size of furniture and the decor materials that you buy will depend largely on the size of your deck.

It will be unrealistic to buy an extra large sofa for a deck that is small in size. Why not go for other space-saving options like glass tables, nesting tables, wicker chairs, foldable furniture, multi-functional furniture such as ottomans with storage, double coffee tables or benches with built-in storage?

Utilize walls and railings

Don’t focus solely on ground or horizontal space decoration especially if you aim to maximize functionality. You can utilize your vertical space too for some decor and functional furniture.

Examples of vertical storage solutions that you can implement include hanging planters, wall-mounted herb gardens, hooks for towels or gardening tools, wall-mounted shelves, hanging racks, tall cabinets, pegs and strips, etc.

You can also consider space-saving seating options like corner sofas, hanging chairs, convertible coffee tables, swings, compact furniture, a Vonanda sofa bed, ottomans, etc.

Keep things organized

Whether you have a wooden or composite decking board installed outdoors, organization is very important when decorating it. This helps to give your decor arrangement a neat look, particularly if you have a small deck space.

If you have so many properties then utilize good storage space to declutter your space.

Examples of storage solutions you can use include sheds, bin stores, garden storage boxes, potting benches, bar carts, bike sheds, deck boxes, upcycled cupboards, ottomans with built-in storage, lawnmower storage, etc.

Strategic lighting for ambience

The right type of lighting, when placed correctly can make a whole difference on your deck. You can use different lights with different functions to create the perfect lighting blend while still maximizing space.

This means that you can have practical lights that are bright for security and safety reasons, space-saving lighting such as string lights, solar-powered lanterns, wall sconces, etc for conserving energy and ambient lights such as fairy lights, floodlights, flameless candles for creating cosy ambience.

Define your space and add comfort

Decorate your space in such a way that will showcase your personality and be comfortable enough for you.

If you live in a region that is always cold, you may want to use materials such as outdoor rugs that will serve as a decor and still warmth underfoot.

If you live in a region where it rains a lot, you can go for weather-resistant rugs that are made mostly of synthetic material because of their durability. You can choose a style and colour that complements your furniture so that the aesthetic part will not be lost.

Another great suggestion is to use patterned rugs as they can give your room a lengthier and wider impression, and add a pop of colour and a modern touch to the room.

Bring life to your deck

To promote sustainability, a decking decor should have plant life in it. Depending on the size of your decking board, you can have a garden where you either flower or edible vegetables, or plant both.

If you have small decking space then you can go for space-saving planters such as hanging plants/baskets, railing plants, tiered planters, pot plants, etc., to optimize deck space and still give your deck a refreshing appearance.

When bringing life to your deck, you must consider how much sunlight your deck receives. If your deck doesn’t receive much sunlight, then go for plants that have large, thin leaves as they can make use of the little light available.

However, if your deck receives much sunlight, then you can choose sun-loving plants such as tomatoes, roses and other flowering plants.

Create a sense of spaciousness

If you have a small deck space, you can decorate it in such a way that it will create an illusion of spaciousness. By using one or two decoration tricks, you can make your deck feel more spacious than it is.

Some tricks include decluttering your outdoor space, using mirrors, light colours and colour combinations, open floor, etc.

 If you are going to use mirrors to create your illusion, ensure to buy mirrors that are weather-resistant so that they don’t shatter during turbulent weather and injure someone.

Play with patterns for visual interest

Part of creativity is to play around with designs such as patterns or stripes especially if you have a small space. Vertical stripes will make your outdoor space seem taller while horizontal stripes will make your deck wider.

The stripes or pattern design can be incorporated into the furniture cushions, rugs, outdoor painting, your design arrangement, etc.

Add privacy and style

If your outdoor space is too exposed and you would want some privacy, then you can install a fence, build a privacy screen, create a living wall, install planters, etc., to have a secluded but stylish space.

For more styled looks, you can use decorative wall panels such as slatted panels, metal panels, beadboard, grooved panels, shiplap, wainscoting, etc., and stencils such as craft and hobby stencils, quilting stencils, and scrapbooking paper craft stencils.

Flexibility for different uses

Why do we keep suggesting flexible furniture such as a folding chair?

Well, flexible furniture comes with core benefits, some of which include being easy to store, being space-saving, affordability, portable, user-friendly, versatile, easy to transport, etc.

Some flexible save-spacing furniture options that you can utilize include mirrors, foldable chairs or tables, ottoman trays, stackable chairs, modular outdoor sofas etc.

Add personality with purpose

If you hire a decorator for the job of decorating for you, while they will do a great job, they may not add some touches that are personal to you.

It is left for you to add a personal touch to your outdoor decoration, but ensure to be purposeful while doing it. For instance, if you buy outdoor throws in a specific colour, it can serve as both a design and a comfort decor.

Your outdoor decor should not be loud and useless, while being decorative, it should be functional.

Create a cohesive look

When decorating your outdoor space, ensure to maintain a cohesive colour combination throughout. The colours you use should either blend or complement each other, avoid colour rioting even if you like vibrant colours.

If you use vibrant colours for the wall paintings, then it is suggested to use neutral colours with pops of colour for furniture cushions, artworks, and plants.

To End With

Implementing these twelve (12) decking decor tips will give you a satisfactory and perfect decoration. You can entertain guests on the platforms, spend private time with family and even spend cosy time with your loved one.

If you are an introvert or a reader, you may want to be creative with your decoration as that is where you will be spending most of your time reading and doing other personal activities.

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