Year-Round Greenery: Decorating With Artificial Plants

Are you a person who likes staying close to nature but does not have time to grow real plants? An amazing trend that you should follow is incorporating artificial or faux plants in your home décor.

With no fuss and upkeep required, these realistic beauties provide a lively touch to any area. Artificial plants come in a plethora of options, from vivid ferns to delicate succulents, to fit any style and setting.

You can place them as centerpiece accents on shelves, or in hanging baskets to bring a calming touch of nature into your house or workspace.

There are several other ways to install these plants to liven up the space. Some of them are discussed below.

Style them in designer pots and vases

There has been a revolution in the home décor industry, and now you can find designer vases for your specific home décor. From classic white ceramic pots to contemporary metallic and colorful vases, there are several eye-catching designs available.

The size of the pot will depend on its placement and the size of the plant. These beautiful vases will amazingly complement the existing décor and give a vibrant and refreshing look to the space.

Install green walls

Installing artificial green walls can transform your area into a verdant haven. Be it your balcony or garden wall, it will beautifully blend with natural plants giving your space a more lively look.

To achieve a natural look, make sure to install it at a place with enough lighting but out of direct sun. Direct exposure to sunlight can fade away the green wall elements. There are various categories available in the green wall. These are artificial hedge mats, artificial topiary, fence and vertical garden. These offer easy and quick installation.

Installation of these walls can be done in a few easy steps.

  • The first step involves finalizing the location for green wall installation. Then make sure to measure the wall correctly to purchase the artificial green wall. Then clean the wall thoroughly to ensure quick installation (in case it is adhesive).
  • Now, select the mounting system on which you will install the green wall. There are grid systems, adhesive panels, and freestanding frames available. Select the option that can hold the weight of your green wall.
  • Based on the layout you want to achieve, set up the panel and install the green wall. To achieve a more enchanting look, you can also use a mix of artificial plants and climbers.
Install lights with artificial plants

Using a mix of artificial plants and beautiful lighting options is a great way to achieve a realistic look. It is one of the perfect ways to create a cozy little corner that is perfect for your reading sessions. String lights, hanging lamps, small spotlights, and small LED lights are some lighting options that can be incorporated with artificial plants.

Decorate shelves and planters

Using metallic plant stands or planters is a great way to install artificial plants with minimal look. These designer pieces add a visual appeal to the place. When installed in a corner, it livens up the dull space. Boring book shelves can be transformed into a masterpiece with artificial greenery. They can be installed in layers with other ornamental pieces to achieve a multi-dimensional effect.

A shelf can be an excellent spot to decorate with artificial plants. You can use a combination of small and large plants to create a layered effect or mix in other decorative items such as books or vases.

Quick upkeep tips

To maintain the beauty of your artificial plants for the long term, make sure you:

  • Dust them at regular intervals with a soft cloth, and wash gently with soapy water for tough dirt.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Use a soft brush for cleaning.
  • Rotate them occasionally for even wear and trim any stray threads or leaves for a polished appearance. 
Frequently asked questions
Where is the best place to put artificial plants?

The best place to put artificial plants is in an area that doesn’t receive direct sunlight, perfect for dimly lit spaces or rooms with fluctuating temperatures. These are versatile and low-maintenance, so they can be ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. Just make sure they complement your decor and breathe life into the space effortlessly.

How long do artificial plants last?

They can last for several years if you take proper care and maintenance. Quality, environment, and care all impact their lifespan. Dust regularly, avoid direct sunlight, and clean gently to keep them looking fresh for years.

Final words

Adding artificial plants to your decor is a simple way to bring greenery into your home without worrying about maintenance. Whether in cute pots, on green walls, or lit up with lights, they enhance your space. Remember these easy-care tips to keep them vibrant and enjoy their beauty for years to come.

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