How To Add Another Bathroom To Your House

An additional bathroom is one of the most rewarding improvements you can make to your home. According to experts, a bathroom addition can increase your home’s value by 5%, meaning you can expect to recoup your initial cost. Even better, reports indicate that bathrooms are the places homebuyers pay attention to the most, along with kitchen spaces. Even if you’re not considering selling your house, an extra bathroom will increase your home’s functionality, allowing you to cater to a growing family size. Here are some tips for adding another bathroom to your house.

Find The Perfect Space

Where to put your bathroom is a burning question that may be easy to answer if you have massive property space but is more challenging for smaller homes. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With a more spacious home, convenience is vital, as you want your new bathroom to be easily accessible without needing to trek each time you have to use the bathroom. For smaller homes, you have to be creative when finding space. You can consider converting the area around an adjacent closet, bedroom, or hallway. You can also find space under a staircase or in the basement. Consider dividing it into two average-size bathrooms if you already have a spacious bathroom. And if you’re looking to add a compact half bath, you can explore cost-effective solutions.

Get The Plumbing And Drainage Right

After finding a suitable space, dealing with plumbing and drainage issues will arguably be your biggest challenge. Unless you’re an expert, please leave this portion to experienced plumbers or builders. Your home probably already has a complex web of drainage systems and interconnecting lines you don’t want to mess with. But you can create separate plumbing connecting to the main drainage. Of course, that might mean cutting into concrete, opening walls, and breaking floors. Your pipes should fit well and be properly aligned to accommodate everything in your bathroom layout. You can use a threaded pipe to ensure a secure connection. 

Invest Only In Quality Fixtures And Materials

You want your new bathroom to stand the test of time, hold up to regular use, and look beautiful. You can only achieve that if you use top-quality materials and fixtures. Understandably, you may have budget constraints, but it’s still advisable not to compromise on quality. A high-quality faucet, toilet seat, and showerhead will save you money in the long run and ensure that your bathroom holds up over the years. Also, consider moisture-resistant materials to prevent mould and mildew issues over time.

Sort Out Your Water Supply

Adequate and uninterrupted water supply is another challenge you must sort out before you start your project. Take the time to assess your water heating system’s capacity. Can your water heating pump enough water to an additional bathroom? Your current plumbing system should also be up to the task.

Hire A Professional

A new bathroom is a complex project, even if you’re working only on a small space. Most of the work challenges will come from your plumbing and drainage. It’s advisable to hire a professional to get it done. You’ll save a lot of money on costly damages by hiring a licensed contractor specialising in bathroom projects. Plus, you’ll also save a lot of time.

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