Embracing Eco-Friendly Cleaning With KINN

KINN Eco Friendly Cleaning

There is pretty much nothing I dislike more than cleaning. I’d *probably* rather be transported back to my Economics A-Level days than clean, and that’s saying something because I still have anxiety dreams about those A-Level days. Despite all that, I am a bit of a sucker for a gorgeous homeware product so enter stage right KINN, run by mother and daughter duo Marie Lavabre and Sophie Lavabre-Barrow.

The concept for KINN first took shape in 1993 when Marie was looking for gentle products to use on her baby’s skin. Using her uncle Marcel Lavabre’s aromatherapy blends, Marie developed her brand Little Wishes. Fast forward 25 years and with her baby all grown up and now part of the business, the focus has morphed into wonderful eco-friendly products not just for the skin but for the home too:

Our ethos at KINN is simple, we believe in a Clean Beauty regime that’s for more than just your skincare. Because if we’re looking after what we put on our skin, why shouldn’t we look after what we put in our homes too? That’s why we make certified organic skincare and eco friendly home cleaning products. 

As some of you may know I follow a vegan food lifestyle. I’d love to say I’m the immaculate vegan across all areas of my life but to be honest 100 people making a small change to their lifestyles, to be more mindful of the planet, is a better result than one person being completely all out-there and militant. So I’m trying step by step to think not just about the food I eat but the other choices I make in my home.

By default, all products are vegan therefore plant-based, not tested on animals, made in the UK, free from synthetic products and scented with essential oils. Ticking several very important boxes.

The lovely team at KINN very kindly sent me some products for our home to road test and see if I could make cleaning that little bit more enjoyable whilst at the same time doing my bit for the environment. Here are the products I received:

Eco Friendly Sweet Orange Washing Up Liquid, £3.00

Eco Friendly Sweet Orange Kitchen Cleaner, £4.25

Eco Friendly Lavender Bathroom Cleaner, £4.25

And here are my verdicts:

Washing Up Liquid

Perversely, washing dishes is pretty much my favourite chore. I never, ever leave the dishes until the next day and find it very therapeutic. So to have a product to use that also smells lovely is a winner in my book. A little goes a long way and I found the dishes really were sparkling. Plus in my rather grim kitchen (as it stands at the moment until we renovate!) it also looks very pretty and doesn’t have that chemical smell that a lot of well-known brands do.

Kitchen Cleaner

Similarly to the dishes, work surfaces are cleaned regularly. But I can’t say the same for some areas of my kitchen and when Pete and I were sitting on the kitchen floor with the dog one evening I realised just how disgusting our cupboard doors were. So armed with my new spray I went round every single one. The spray really does make light work of even stubborn stains and again the fragrance is a delight.

Bathroom Cleaner

I have to be honest and say lavender is not really my favourite fragrance BUT this does smell so fresh and clean. I used it for our main bathroom to give everything a wipe over and it left the bath, tiles and taps super sparkly. I’ve yet to test it on our heavily used en-suite and would be interested to see how it copes with limescale and soap marks. I know the key to easy cleaning is little and often but as mentioned, I really don’t like cleaning. Not one bit. So of course make life harder for myself by doing it as infrequently as possible.

KINN Eco Friendly Cleaning

KINN Eco Friendly Cleaning

KINN Eco Friendly Cleaning

KINN Eco Friendly Cleaning

It’s been an absolute pleasure to try out some products which make me feel like I’m moving closer to the life I want to live. KINN products are all available at Waitrose BUT I also have details of a giveaway over on Instagram…


I have one set of the three cleaning products from KINN as reviewed above. To enter, head to my feed and look for the image of the products with a little giveaway label. Make sure you’re following both myself (@booandmaddie) and @kinn_living and like and tag a friend in the comments. The more tags, the more entries. Good luck!

The competition is open to UK entrants only. The winner will be selected at random and announced on Sunday 24th June at 10pm on Instagram stories. Please note this giveaway is not associated with or endorsed by Instagram. 

Thank you so much to KINN for providing the review and prize products.

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  1. June 21, 2018 / 9:46 am

    Oooh these look great! I am after new eco friendly cleaning products, since my old favourite Ecover was taken over by a big company who test on animals. I will look out for these, the packaging is gorgeous too! x

    • Lins
      June 24, 2018 / 5:45 pm

      And I can safely say Becky after having tackled our filthy en-suite with the bathroom cleaner, they are AMAZING! Even with chemical products I’ve always had to scrub but this stuff just glides through the grime X

  2. November 15, 2023 / 5:32 am

    It’s great to see products like KINN becoming more accessible, making it easier for everyone to make environmentally conscious choices. Even for those who aren’t fond of the task, having tools that are both effective and kind to the planet can add a touch of joy to the routine. Plus, offering a pleasant sensory experience with their essential oil scents is a smart move; it turns a chore into a more enjoyable and aromatic experience. It’s also encouraging to hear your commitment to incremental changes for a more sustainable lifestyle—every small step counts!

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