Should You Get A Storage Bed Or Save Your Money?

Pictured: Fusion 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Bed. RRP £549. Available now from Bedstar priced only £289 (SAVE £260)

Getting more storage in your bedroom often requires buying furniture specifically for that purpose, such as storage beds. While convenient, this type of furniture can get expensive, so should you save your money or go for it?

Some people find it worthwhile to spend more on a nice storage bed. These beds maximise space efficiency by providing a sleeping surface and storage drawers. They come in various price ranges as well. For those on a tight budget, there are other options. Plastic bins and organisers from discount stores work well for holding items.

One could also install shelves or get a dresser. The best solution depends on how much you want to spend and what design aesthetics you prefer. Storage furniture runs the gamut from practical and budget-friendly to higher-end statement pieces.

The Benefits of Storage Beds

When it comes to storage beds, you have options. Some models feature drawers conveniently built into the base, maximising the unused space underneath the mattress.

Other designs allow you to lift the mattress platform to access hidden storage compartments below. No matter the style, storage beds allow you to capitalise on the often-wasted space under the bed frame and transform it into usable storage.

The benefits include:

  • Makes cleaning easier by hiding “clutter zones”.
  • Maximise bedroom storage without taking up additional floor space.
  • Convenient access to storage items right in your bedroom.
  • You can store bulky items like off-season clothing under the bed.
  • Make the most of the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Ottoman beds take storage even further by allowing you to lift the whole mattress platform on struts to access capacious storage underneath.

Potential Downsides

The downside to storage beds is the higher cost compared to basic bed frames. Prices easily run £400+ for storage beds with drawers. Ottoman storage beds add another £100 or so – it’s the price you pay for a better storage system.

You’ll also want to ensure the storage items inside are well-sealed and ventilated to prevent mould, mildew, and dust mites within the dark, enclosed spaces.

Cheaper Alternatives

If your budget can’t accommodate a storage bed, consider these alternatives:

Use Underbed Boxes

Plastic under-bed storage boxes on rollers can be purchased cheaply. Use vertical space around and under the bed by stacking boxes two high. Label them clearly.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Use these to compress off-season clothing and linens to half their average size, then slide them neatly under the bed. The compression helps maximise space.

Shelf Units

Free up floor space while utilising wall space. Mount shelving above the bed to hold storage boxes/baskets neatly. Use for lesser-used items and decorative storage.

Wardrobe & Closet Storage

Add shelves inside the wardrobe and closet to double your storage potential. Use shelves or stackable drawers to arrange sweaters, T-shirts, purses, and shoes neatly.

Over-Door Storage

Over-the-door storage is another great option for adding extra storage capacity in a bedroom without taking up floor space. You can use unused vertical real estate by hanging storage pouches, shelves, or racks on the back of a bedroom door.

Over-the-door solutions are usually inexpensive, too – things like canvas bins and wire racks don’t cost much but give you places to neatly store items like shoes, hats, purses, folded clothes, and toiletries. Make sure whatever you hang is light enough for the door to support safely; otherwise, you might hear a thud in the night.

The Verdict

While more expensive, storage beds perfectly adapt your biggest bedroom furniture piece into valuable storage space. For budget-focused shoppers, some clever reorganising using the cheaper alternatives listed can also increase bedroom storage considerably. We say do a bit of both and maximise every bit of space you have.

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