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It’s no secret that I’m working my way towards trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and having watched with admiration as Pete has completed his 3 month Men’s Health ‘transform’ programme, I know (like I didn’t already) just how important it is to make sure we’re putting the right fuel into ourselves. After all, we wouldn’t give our children junk food so why do we do it ourselves? It’s easier said than done though, I have a weakness for crisps and chocolate (and hot chocolate!) like most people but if my half-marathon run in September is going to be successful it’s important to start making small changes to my lifestyle already.

Bioglan Super Foods recently sent me some of their range to try out and it was with a wry cynicism that I stared at my pouches of spirulina, supergreens, supergreens cacao and tub of flax and chia seeds. Could it be possible to incorporate some of these into my meals without noticing the taste and without feeling like I was really missing out on the naughty treats I’m so used to. Deciding to put them to the test, the first one to tackle was definitely spirulina. If you haven’t heard of spirulina before, here’s the lowdown:

Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that has been consumed for centuries and has existed on our planet for 3.6 billion years. It is one of the richest whole food sources found in nature and is known as nature’s multivitamin. A daily dose of this amazing Superfood is packed with over 100 nutrients, more than any other plant. This full spectrum of nutrients means that it makes a healthful addition to any meal.

It’s basically super-duper good for you and contains more protein than meat, fish or eggs so is perfect for those working out or training for a physical event. However, I’d heard horror stories about this potent power and let me tell you, it smells revolting and I can easily understand why you’re meant to use it sparingly in food or drinks since it really is very potent. Undeterred however, I came across this recipe for Raw Spirulina Chocolate and it looked perfect to try out the feisty protein-packed super-food.


What I love about this recipe is just how easy it is to make and how tasty the end result is – you really can’t taste the spirulina at all and it’s a very moist, rich, dark chocolatey taste. You’d only need one or two pieces to feel satisfied but with a combination of spirulina, coconut oil, maca, cacao and dates, you’re really getting all the goodness you need. The only step I would have done differently to the recipe would have been to line my tray rather than just oiling it because it was a little bit tough to try and get the refrigerated chocolate out. It’s all worth noting this is gluten-free and vegan too so perfect for anyone who has those allergies/has made those eating decisions.


To counter the sweetness of the chocolate, a savoury balance was required and utilising the recipes available on the Bioglan Super Foods website decided to try these Paprika Spiced Roasted Chickpeas. Pete and I both love snacking, too much, and these can be stored in an airtight jar for a few days to snack on instead of crisps or scattered over salads to give them an extra zing. Plus, chickpeas are delicious anyway so it’s not exactly a hardship.

Again, the recipe was incredibly easy and utilised some very simple ingredients including the Bioglan Chia + Flaxseed mix. Again, don’t smell it too closely because it’s not pleasant but scattered over the chickpeas and mixing with some zesty spices before being roasted in the oven, you’d never know.



I’ve also experimented with the Supergreens Cacao, mixing a couple of teaspoons into my gluten-free porridge which I make with almond milk. It turns it into a delicious chocolatey-treat and again, so much flavour with none of the badness.

So having been a little bit dubious as to whether I’d really appreciate adding these super-charged healthy foodstuffs into my diet, I’m now converted and looking forward to trying out some more recipes.

Thank you to Bioglan Super Foods for sending my some products free of charge for the purposes of the review. All words, opinions and images are my own unless otherwise stated. 
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