Fitty Friday: Week 2


What a difference a week makes. In contrast to last week, this one has been a complete and utter training disaster. I’ve run once – yesterday – and only 2 miles at that. A combination of sickness at the end of last week, a crazy weekend of renovation madness (and if you’ve been there you’ll know that tearing yourself away from it just isn’t an option) and several nights out this week/very late nights means that my mojo has totally abandoned me just one week in.

However, I’ve learned that I need to get serious about this and make it as much of a priority in my life as work, walking the dog, blogging etc. At the end of the day a half hour can always be squeezed in here and there so it just needs to happen. It was with renewed vigour that I set off for a run yesterday morning even though I knew it would be short and sweet. And it felt good, too. Check out my one mile split coming in just under 8 minutes. If I could run 13 sub-8 minute miles I’d be delighted but that’s pretty superhuman by my standards.


I’ve also now got an NSPCC top to wear for the race itself – mine had gone missing in the post but the one my colleague ordered was too small so he’s given it to me and it fits perfectly. It’s another little step to make me realise this is definitely happening and I’ve decided to swear off my daily chocolate/sweet treats intake and really think about what fuel I’m putting in to my body. My new favourite tipple is the gorgeous White Pear Amanzi Tea which is so refreshing. There’s a whole load of superfood goodness from Bioglan waiting for me to test too so¬†everything is really aligning, or rather it was.

Yesterday¬†presented the biggest sign yet that I’ve been overdoing things. I tripped in a little dip in the garden hanging out the washing and turned my right ankle over. As of the time of writing this post, it was continuing to swell despite cold wraps and Ibuprofen rub and keeping it elevated and it’s fair to say I’m in agony. So really, week 2 has been far from great but thankfully time is on my side so I’m going to rest up and try to get my running shoes back on very soon.

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