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It is, without doubt, my favourite time every 4 years when the Olympics rolls around. I’ve been hooked on The Greatest Show On Earth ever since I was 8 years old (the year, 1988. The Games, Seoul). I was competing in a reading marathon in my local Norfolk library in collaboration with the Olympics and for every book I read and wrote a short synopsis of, my little paper runner ran one more spot round the track fixed to the wall. To this day, that’s about the level of my capability when it comes to ‘sporting’ prowess.

Olympic reading champion


Nonetheless, there is just something about this incredible spectacle which completely captures my imagination. The most random of activities that I normally never pay any attention to become extraordinarily important. Could we win a medal? What new rules do I need to learn for it to make sense?

I’m in complete awe of anyone who dedicates such time to one opportunity for glory and have shed plenty of tears in both happiness and sadness over the years in support. These days it feels ever more important to temporarily put a halt on what’s going on in the world and focus on positive achievement and nations coming together.

But what about behind the scenes? After all, even the athletes need some down time. I may be watching from the comfort of my sofa trying to stop my kitten from swiping the table tennis ball he can see on the screen. Over in Rio, British House plays host to Team GB and you and I can take a little peep behind the scenes to see what they get up to waiting for their moment in the spotlight.

As an interiors blogger I’m excited to see that DFS are the official homeware partner for Team GB for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio. The showpiece is ‘The Britannia’, a sofa specially designed and made in the UK in collaboration with three already-household names after London 2012, and just the first few days of competition here – cyclist Laura Trott, Olympic bronze winning gymnast Max Whitlock and Olympic gold winning and world record holding swimmer Adam Peaty.

Every day, DFS’s YouTube channel will be inviting all British Olympic competitors to take part in ‘Great Brits: Game On’ hosted by DJs Reggie Yates and comedian Justin Moorhouse. ‘Great Brits: Game On’ will feature fun challenges such as water-balloon catch and ‘Flip It’, a coaster game we can all play from our own coffee tables so that we can really take part in the party atmosphere and see the fun that goes on when the serious sporting activity halts.] So if you want to join in with more than spectator sport and get a carnival atmosphere going at home, don’t forget to check out DFS’s YouTube channel for all the daily fun, I know I will be whilst getting to know my favourite stars a little bit better. You can also get involved on their social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. Now, where can I find one of those sofas…
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    March 28, 2017 / 9:47 pm

    Great blog my friend 🙂

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      April 2, 2017 / 10:13 pm

      Thank you!

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