Abroad Edit: Could We Be Planning A Cruise Adventure?


Budapest, Summer 2015

It’s a little over six weeks until we head off on our next holiday. Nowhere glamorous mind, autumn always sees our annual UK holiday with Maddie in tow. I’m always thinking about further-flung destinations though, it’s the Aquarius in me. 50% conscious of doing the right thing, 50% ready to drop it all at a moment’s notice and flee to the sunset. We don’t have any proper plans for next year but would you believe me when I say from time to time the thought of a cruise pops into our heads?

Now before I go any further, NO not a Disney cruise or a Mediterranean cruise. Not even sailing to New York. There are two in particular that really appeal, one through the Norwegian fjords, and one down the Danube. We’re a bit addicted to European cities and got engaged in Vienna, went to a wedding in Budapest and spent a Christmas in Prague. Apparently the cruise industry is worth over $50 billion a year and these days with passengers being ever discerning they have to up their game. If the idea of a cruise fills you with horror, think about what you may be missing out on.

A Touch of Luxury

If you’re not keen on being on board a huge cruise ship with hundreds of other people (I feel you), many luxury liners offer a more refined approach. These include fine dining, added extras (bathrobes, fresh flowers in your room) and accommodation that stands out from the crowd. Forget poky cabins and food poisoning, it’s home from home with top-end suites including private living areas and balconies.

Something For Everyone

From my in-laws to friends with children, I know plenty of people who love the endless entertainment possibilities on cruises. From swanky black-tie dinners to star-studded shows and cinemas, apparently you never get bored because there’s always something to do. Larger liners also often have outdoor pools to top up tans and gyms for the health-conscious. Plus every dietary requirement is catered for. So the argument could be what’s not to love?

Connectivity With The Real World

Ok, so your idea of a holiday may be switching off completely. But if you can’t bare to be away from social media or need to check in with friends and family back home, wi-fi is often a standard feature these days. Even in the middle of the ocean. So you can either escape with a good book and lock your phone in the safe, or you can document the whole trip for your followers to see.

See The World

This really has to be one of the biggest pluses. I’ve been researching companies that would cover the types of cruises I’m looking at and the Bolsover Cruise Club offers just about any type of cruise to any destination. Whether you’re in search of some Caribbean tropical vibes or whale-watching on an Alaska cruise, anything is possible if you take to the open water.

Have you ever been on a cruise? I’d love to hear your recommendations if so.

Prague 2009

Prague Christmas 2009

Vienna 2012

Vienna Spring 2012

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