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If you’ve been following my Instagram and my recent health journey then you’ll know I follow a predominantly vegan food lifestyle and have done for almost two years. It started mainly because of my love of animals but there are so many additional health benefits which I’ve since discovered.

We all know that being healthy is more about what we eat and the exercise regime we stick to. But did you ever really think about the impact of what we put on our bodies? Unless I’m going on holiday and buying sunscreen, I know I rarely think about the health of my skin. I’m also definitely guilty of neglecting a proper skincare regime. In trying to live a more  eco-conscious life, it got me thinking about natural products and the benefits they can offer.

Far Fewer Artificial Chemicals

It’s no secret that pollution is a big problem, especially for those of us living in big cities. The impact on our oceans and food chains is so severe that single-used plastics were recently banned. And as well as damaging the environment, with worrying levels of plastics and air pollution getting worse, it’s also playing havoc with our health.

So how can natural beauty products have a positive impact? For starters, fewer toxins and chemicals means not only are they better for the environment but friendlier to your skin as well. With the average woman exposed to around 170 chemicals every single day just through the products we use, switching to a natural focus can only be a good thing. Who really wants to rub all that into their skin anyway?

To Boost Your Health

Whilst we know beauty products are full of chemicals, how many of us really know what harm they can have? Research shows the dangers of artificial products, such as phthalates, in everything from face cream and moisturiser, to makeup and perfume.

These nasty chemicals have been linked to a huge range of diseases and medical issues, including breast cancer, asthma and developmental problems in children. Thankfully, switching to natural and organic beauty products can make a difference. With fewer hidden dangers, you have more control over what you put on your body, helping to keep your skin healthy.

For the Sake of Your Skin

As your body’s largest organ, skin requires more care than we perhaps realise. I am careful in the sun on holiday but as someone who struggles with cold intolerance for much of the year I do love the sunshine. And when skin absorbs up to 60% of the products we apply, it’s an easy route into our bodies for potentially dangerous chemicals if we make the wrong choices.

This means changing to natural alternatives can help keep your skin and your whole body healthy, from improving appearance and tone to reducing harmful risks and side effects.

I’ve yet to really work out what natural beauty products work best for my lifestyle. Soon to be 39 though, it’s never too late to make the switch and definitely a change I want to make. Are you a natural beauty connoisseur? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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