4 Tips For People Who Work On Their Feet All Day

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Standing for long periods can take its toll on your body.

Whether you’re a nurse on call across several wards, a retail worker stocking from floor to floor, or a builder on a huge site, being on your feet all day can lead to aches, pains, and tiredness. But there are ways to make your workday a little easier.

Surviving a long shift on your feet comes down to some prudent preparation and healthy habits too – and we’ve outlined just a few in this guide.

Invest In The Right Footwear

It’s all too easy to slip into the first pair of shoes you see before heading to work.

But wearing sturdy, supportive footwear is crucial. Look for shoes with good arch support and shock absorption. A thick sole will help to cushion your feet throughout the day, helping to reduce the effects of fatigue.

In roles that demand the use of heavy machinery, steel toe-capped boots are essential for safety. There are plenty of comfortable options even with those restrictions. Consider getting two pairs and alternating them throughout the week. This means one pair can air out while you wear the other, helping to prevent your boots from getting stinky!

Take Breaks And Move Around

Standing still for long periods is the enemy of good circulation.

It’s estimated that the average UK adult sits down for 9 hours a day, which is strongly associated negative health implications. But standing up within the same area while you work can be just as detrimental, so it’s worth mixing things up.

If you’re standing still for hours at a time, regular breaks help to get your blood flowing. Even a short walk around the office or walking up and down the stairs can make a big difference. If possible, try to find opportunities to sit down for a few minutes throughout the day too.

Stretch It Out

Taking a few minutes to stretch throughout the day can help to loosen tight muscles. Focus on stretches for your calves, hamstrings, lower back, and ankles.

You could even do some simple stretches at your workstation, such as calf raises and toe wiggles. This is particularly sensible if you undertake repetitive work throughout the day, which could put you at heightened injury risk.

There are also plenty of resources online and on mobile apps that offer quick and easy stretches specifically tailored for people who work on their feet. Why not try this five-minute mobility routine shared by online fitness coach Joe Wicks?

Support your feet with insoles

Finally, if you find that your shoes still aren’t providing enough support, you could consider investing in a good pair of arch supports or insoles.

These can help to distribute your weight more evenly and reduce pressure on your arches. And along with obvious benefits like improving your posture and reducing pain, removeable insoles can make it easier to clean your shoes and keep them feeling fresh!

There are a variety of inserts available over-the-counter, but it’s always best to ask a podiatrist for a custom fit if you have any specific concerns or pain points.

Comfortable feet, productive work

By following these tips, you can help to make your working day a little bit more comfortable and prevent long-term health implications with your feet and legs. Remember, taking care of your feet is an investment in your overall health and well-being.

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