Neptune Presents: Autumn/Winter Preview

Neptune Autumn/Winter Preview

On a gloriously hot day in Central London, Neptune presented their plush, luxurious autumn collection for 2017. I’ve attended a few of their seasonal previews now as well as the launch of their Wimbledon store. Celebrating their 21st birthday this year, it’s easy to understand why they have stood the test of time and continue to grow.

One of my favourite interiors brands, it’s all in the detail. I know that sounds cliched, but it’s absolutely true. The Wimbledon store in particular is a tardis. The modest exterior does a fantastic job of hiding the incredible space within and it’s such a treat just to visit and get lost exploring. I’d quite happily move in.

For their latest collection, the theme is ‘Coming Home’ after travels, with an emphasis on times past. Think Indiana Jones – archaeology and exploring, a time of adventure. Perhaps perfect for our 1930’s home. But I have to be honest in favouring modern minimal interiors as most of you know. That said, THIS kitchen with it’s rich blue and brass combination is all the heart eyes.

Neptune Autumn Preview Kitchen

The main colour palette for the season is teal, chestnut and fox. I love a little creativity with colour names, much better than being bog-standard don’t you think? Here’s what they say about their chosen scheme for this season:

‘Teal is a colour that has depth. It creates a little drama when used on a large, but it equally understands how to create calmness. Teal is a colour that’s refined and handsome, that carries a sense of heritage, but is also appreciated when seen through a contemporary lens. Teal is a colour that stands proud, and then it invites you to sit back, breathe and just be.

We knew in an instant that Teal and Chestnut would get along like a house on fire. Not literally, but close. Because Teal and Chestnut create a warmth that’s akin to the fireside. Together, they make any room in the home our favourite place to hibernate.’

Neptune Autumn Preview Office

Neptune Autumn Preview Living Area

Ironically the fireplace above looks quite similar to the fireplace in our dining room, so perhaps I could create a dining room evocative of the era. And the more and more I see velvet the more I fall in love with it. Alas, Boo & Maddie mean that velvet has to stay in the shops, our sofas need to be cheap and durable to accommodate dirty paws and sharp claws. If I was to create a grown-up glam country house vibe though, this season from Neptune would be perfect to come hunting for inspiration.

Thank you to Neptune for inviting me to their autumn/winter preview. All images either my own or from Neptune.

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