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St Piece Cushion

There’s nothing more exciting than getting home from work and discovering that Mr Postie has delivered something other than bills and mortgage updates. I received a beautiful package from St Piece a little while ago, the London-based print design studio who I interviewed for a little feature on the blog. A talented design duo who produce luxury silk scarves to a global audience, they very kindly sent me the loveliest gift to say thank you for the work I did with them previously.

St Piece Cushion

I’m probably not alone in saying that sometimes I struggle with maintaining an authentic voice via the blog and social media. The post with this year’s ‘resolutions’ spoke a little about how much consumerism bothers me when it seems excessive or frequent but at the same time I appreciate that we’re encouraged to buy, buy, buy all the time. I’m also flummoxed by the relentlessness of people rushing out to buy the same item whatever it might – a jumper, a vase, a handbag. It will always be a mystery to me why people want to have the same item as everybody else but that’s why I’ll never be setting trends so perhaps not trying to understand it is an easier way forward.

That said, I won’t always get it right either so it’s definitely a balancing act which needs careful thought. It’s why when I do get the opportunity to work with smaller businesses who have the right ethos and unique designs, my heart skips a little beat. St Piece are just that – high-end, luxury, unique and yet successful with a global customer base. They’re also made here in the UK which is another huge plus for me.

St Piece Cushion

St Piece Cushion

My package arrived in a chic black box with navy blue branded ribbon. Inside, the 100% silk cushion cover was wrapped in navy blue tissue paper. It’s the little details for me that make so much difference. With a luxury product, I would expect luxury packaging and St Piece don’t disappoint. The cushion cover I received is the ‘Vertumnus’ print which is absolutely beautiful, evocative of Japanese gardens and spring. With a 100% silk satin cover and 100% silk piping which is done by hand, the attention to detail is immaculate.

I’m wary of positioning it for now in case Boo gets his feisty little claws into it so will keep it safe out of harm’s way but it’s an utter treat to look at and feel, adding a little sophistication to our dilapidated renovation project. Thank you so much to St Piece for gifting me this beautiful cushion cover. They retail at £105.

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