How To Add Bedroom Luxury On A Budget

Oh bed. One of my favourite places in the world despite not spending as much time there as I should. Still, it’s important to me that bedrooms represent a tranquil, decadent space to escape the world even on a budget. There are plenty of ways that you can ensure your bedroom screams out luxury, without actually having to buy the most expensive items on the high street and spend a fortune on redecorating.

Here are just some ways that you can add a luxurious staple to your bedroom while sticking to a budget:

  • Statement Pieces

Some statement pieces will require you to splash the cash, but there are plenty of statement pieces that you can add to your bedroom that don’t require you to remortgage.

Of course, any investment such as a large, real gold-framed mirror will be pricey, but there are some cheaper alternatives. Something I’d love to do when we relocate the bed is to add a large headboard to the bed which can give your bedroom that 5* hotel suite vibe in a more cost-effective way.

  • Hanging Lights

Ok so a chandelier may not be the most practical solution in most bedrooms (although, that would be pretty great, right?), but you can get some lovely hanging lights which really do add a bit of oomph to the space.

I’ve seen some gorgeous hanging lights through following inspiration on Instagram and especially love the pendant ones hanging either side of a bed to create a real wow-factor.

  • Over-Fluffing Pillows

I am ever so slightly OCD about pillows. If your pillow cases are only half-full (or half-empty depending on what kind of person you are), then throw another pillow in there to make it plumper, or add some extra feathers to your pillows.

How often have you been to a hotel room and been given a flat, uncomfortable pillow? Correct answer: never, and if you have, then don’t stay there again. We went to a hotel in Vienna many years ago that had absolutely massive square pillows and the first thing we did when we got home was to go and buy some for ourselves.

  • Get Rid of Clutter

I’m not going to go all Marie Kondo on you and suggest you get rid of everything that doesn’t make you happy (yes, you do need a laundry basket, and you really do need an iron), but it is a good idea to have periodical clear outs and get rid of things that you haven’t paid any attention to in the past year or so.

I can’t rest properly in a cluttered bedroom so having a wardrobe clear out for things which you may not have reached for in a while and carrying on with drawers and dressing tables is essential.  

  • Accessories

Snug, cosy and stylish. Create that sense of luxury by adding throws, blankets, cushions. I’m very much of the opinion that whereas clutter doesn’t add to your space, bedlinens and furnishing are essential to recreate that hotel feel.

Pillows add a splash of colour to a bedroom, while throws are great for glamming up the end of the bed. There is so much choice these days at amazing budget prices too, it’s simply a case of shopping around and experimenting with designs and colours!

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  1. May 11, 2019 / 7:01 am

    Ideal tips for luxurious and comfortable bedroom. Everything you have mentioned in your post are really essential for good sleep.


    • Lins
      May 15, 2019 / 10:00 pm

      Thank you!

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