5 Things You Need In Your Guest Bathroom

Whenever you have friends and family over to stay or even visit, making them feel comfortable is always important. A part of that experience is having a nice bathroom for them to use. Here are some top tips to help you create a relaxing haven for your guests this year:

A good mirror

Whether your guests are staying for the weekend or just visiting, there are many situations where they will need to check their appearance. Having an impressive yet practical mirror in the guest bathroom is ideal for privacy and convenience.

You may want to consider installing an illuminated mirror. Not only do they look great and fit any aesthetic, but they also have the additional benefit of adding light to the bathroom.


Bathrooms are spaces which can easily feel cluttered, especially as they tend to be smaller rooms. By keeping your clutter at bay, you can create a calm, relaxing environment.

Shelves are a great option for storage. Not only do they seamlessly blend into any interior design scheme, but they can also be made into a design element themselves. Plus, shelves are a great way to keep track of your products as you can easily see how much shampoo you have left, for example.

You may also want to leave space for your guests to store their own products too. Try keeping a shelf or sink free for them to use during their stay.


Bathrooms are often spaces that are overlooked when it comes to greenery, but they are actually the perfect place for them to thrive. If you have shelves, you could add some trailing plants to provide a softness to the room – which may feel harsh if it is white and tiled.

When picking plants, choose ones that appreciate moisture and humidity such as Tillandsia plants, snake plants or even succulents.

Stock up on products

Forgetting to bring items you may need whilst staying away is inevitable, and your guests will most likely be the same.

Stock up on smaller products such as cotton buds, cotton pads and sanitary products. You can keep them stored in tubs or jars in a drawer so that they are easy to find. You could also use labelled shampoo, conditioner and shower gel dispensers in the shower that your guests are free to use.

To be extra clear, you could mention where the products are located so your guests know they are free to use them should they need them.

Luxury extras

If you want your guests to feel pampered like they are staying at a hotel, consider investing in some luxury extras. You could have some fluffy robes hanging on the back of the door, or some freshly washed towels folded nicely on the side of the bath.

To create a nice atmosphere, try lighting some gorgeous candles, and let the smell fill the room before your guests arrive. They’ll never want to leave!

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