How Fitted Wardrobes Can Work For You


Sometimes our home renovation seems to be whizzing by at top speed and other times it feels like it will take every minute of the 20 years we anticipate it might take – albeit jokingly but we’re already 2 years in and still so much to do!

One of our major projects will be deciding on the eventual purpose of the 4 bedrooms, or rather 3 now we’ve turned the littlest one into an office. We want to reconfigure the space in our loft conversion bedroom, turn our front spare room into a devoted guest room and have our back spare room as a kind of multi-purpose crafting/storage/blogging/extra guest room when we need it.

To make the most use of the space we’ve been looking at fitted wardrobes and have been looking at I-Wardrobes, made-to-measure fitted furniture manufacturer in London. We’ve essentially got three bedrooms that we want to incorporate built-in storage into we’re not alone in seeing why custome made storage solutions are seeing a resurgence and now more popular than ever.

I-Wardobe fitted wardrobes are custom made according to your needs with the customer being able to design the closet including all desired features, eliminating the restrictions often found with freestanding wardrobes which often don’t make the best use of space.


Image courtesy of I-Wardrobes

One of the main advantages of bespoke walk-in wardrobes is that they fit seamlessly into the available space and can incorporate anything from shoe racks to extra drawers, cupboards, compartments, racks and shelves. Some of my favourite inspirations have built in dressing tables/vanity units adding to a luxurious boudoir feel.

I also love the idea of extra little design touches such as custom lighting in your fitted wardrobe and invidually designed doors meaning that they provide a completely unique end product which is an excellent investment and reasonably priced too. With a clever design behind the ethos, it’s the type of project that can add value to your home and help you get the best use of your bedrooms.

If it’s a project you’re thinking of undertaking and you’re based in London then take a look at the I-Wardrobes website for some inspiring storage solutions.

This is a collaborative post. Images courtesy of i-wardrobes.

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  1. mummyofboygirltwins
    July 11, 2016 / 9:38 pm

    I want these in my bedroom!! We didn’t do it when we moved in for cost reasons but it drives me mad now. Going to go ahead and get something planned…thanks for the inspiration xx

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