Discover The Magic Of Tenerife: Why It’s The Ultimate Summer Destination For Families

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Looking ahead to the summer? It’s the right time to make plans for the school holidays, as most UK families aim to book summer trips before the end of spring. If you’re keen to escape the Isles and get some time in the sun, you of course have plenty of options – but Tenerife is a perennial favourite for good reason.

If you’ve never been before, here’s why it’s an ideal destination for a family holiday.


Beach lovers will love the diversity of options here. As Tenerife is a volcanic island, it’s home to a few enchanting black sand beaches as well as having more than its fair share of white and golden sands – so, whatever seafront backdrop you fancy, you can find it here. Each one has its quirks – Puerto Colon Beach, for example, has large inflatables in its waters which make it a particular favourite for children.

The beach is a major draw for Tenerife tourists, of course, so if you’d rather have a little more privacy while still being close to the water, you could consider staying in a villa where you’d have your own pool but still have easy access to the shore.


Tenerife boasts some world-famous ways to spend a day out that’ll keep children of all ages entertained. Siam Park is one of the most notable, an iconic water park with a healthy mixture of adrenaline-fueled thrill slides and chilled-out attractions like its lazy river – plus it has a dedicated kids’ area.

Loro Parque, meanwhile, is rated as one of Europe’s best zoos by reviewers on TripAdvisor, a pedigree which it easily justifies. It’s home to an astonishing 350 varieties of parrots plus a massive colony of penguins, as well as a wide range of shows.


While there are zoos and water parks at many other destinations, Tenerife’s volcanic base is something very particular to itself. Take the opportunity to explore its unique character with walking tours – or even those done on camelback! Local volcanic products are also used at spas across the island, making it a great place to rejuvenate yourself.


The best thing about a trip to the Canary Islands is that it’s bright and sunny all year round. Even in its coldest months, you can expect temperatures to hold at a more-than-manageable 11°C. Its summer months are June through September, though, and during those, it’s rare for the thermometer to dip below the low twenties. If you’re looking for a guarantee of warm weather for your holiday, you can’t find a safer bet than Tenerife.

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