Top Places To Visit On Your Next Holiday To The States

We are in tentative 2024 holiday planning mode after having not taken a proper break since 2019 and all being well, we’ll be heading stateside. We really want to do an autumn tour in New England, but there are plenty of states and amazing places to visit that you will never get bored. Whether you are going on a solo trip, venturing out with friends, or going as a family you will always have something to keep you busy. 

If you don’t just want to be confined to one particular place then you might want to think about an American road trip. There are loads of routes to follow, east to west or vice versa for instance. Alternatively, if you are struggling for places to visit, then here’s a little overview of some of the most popular destinations.

New York

My second favourite place in the whole world after London, New York has an unending lure for many people. When you think of going to America, what is the main destination you think of? The majority of individuals would say New York. This is one of the most beautiful cities you will come across on your trip to America. Everyone should visit New York at least once in their lifetime just to see how incredibly lively and gorgeous it is. The greatest thing about going to New York is that you can do this in one weekend. So, if you wanted to incorporate this with other destinations then you definitely could.


Seattle in Washington is a wonderful place to see. It is set right on the water and is considered one of the best places to visit while in the USA. If you are arriving at Seattle and your hotel isn’t quite ready for you to check in then you might want to leave your suitcase at a luggage storage facility nearby. This will give you the chance to wander around the city and not waste any of your precious time. If you are a bit peckish when you arrive there are plenty of delicious eateries to explore in Pike Place Market. You could also head to the Space Needle, where you can stand on the glass floor and see the city below your feet.


Another top place to visit on your holiday is Miami, there is always something to see and do in this vibrant metropolis. Miami is home to some amazing beaches, so if you are looking to top up your tan then this is the place to do it. Although Miami is alive with people, it is also one of most laid-back cities you can go to. If you are wanting great nightlife with clubs and bars then Miami is certainly the place for this. Ask at your hotel where the best places are, as you may find a little gem hidden away from the hustle and bustle.

New Orleans

Are you wanting good food and lively music on your next holiday? If so, then the best place you can head to is New Orleans in Louisiana. A lot of folks think of Mardi Gras, Bourbon, and The Vampire Diaries when they think of New Orleans but it is so much more than this. If you enjoy learning about local history then New Orleans has plenty of this. The locals will be able to tell you all about it and may even be able to recommend a ghost tour for you to go on. There are plenty of spooky legends in the French Quarter, make sure you add this to your to-do list. Did you know that New Orleans is home to some of the best food in the country so be sure to try some before you leave again.

San Francisco

If you want to head over one of the longest and most photographed bridges in the USA then it’s time to holiday in San Francisco. This wonderful, beautiful bridge has around 10 million people come to see it each year so make sure you are one of them. The bridge isn’t the only thing that this place has to offer, it also has amazing ocean views and sea lions. If you love greenery and gardens then be sure to visit the serene Japanese Gardens, this is one of the less obvious attractions of San Francisco.


Everybody knows Chicago as the windy city, but have you ever wondered why and how it got this name. It is thought to be because of the cold breezes that come off Lake Michigan. Something you must experience while you are here is the city’s skyline reflecting off the lake, it really is a sight to behold. This city is the third largest in the whole of the USA so it is certainly worth a trip. One of the best things about Chicago is you can see the sights in just a few days, without it feeling like a huge rush. Some of the places you should aim to visit are the Adler Planetarium and the Art Institute.


When you think of going on Holiday to the states you don’t often think of visiting Houston. If you like all things related to space then Houston is a must. Due to the size of this city, there are so many things you can do that will keep you entertained. Of course, there isn’t just the Space Center to visit, you could also experience a real life rodeo show. Houston is home to foods from all around the world, including Chinese, Tex-Mex, Greek, and even Ethiopian.

Las Vegas

Alternatively, how about taking a trip to Las Vegas. This is just a stone throw away from the Grand Canyon where you can take a daring helicopter tour through the monumental valleys. Or, perhaps it’s time to indulge in some devilish activities and delightful experiences such as bungee jumping from a building – at midnight!


If you are heading on holiday with kids or you simply want to revert back to a simpler time, then Orlando is the place for you. It’s fair to say that the main selling point for Orlando is certainly the theme parks. Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland – it’s all right here. You can also research the closest airport to Disney World. There are also countless different water parks for you to explore in the tropical sunshine as well which is perfect for thrillseekers. That’s true whether you are planning on staying at the Disney resort or exploring farther afield. 

Ideally, we recommend you book at least two weeks to make the most of a trip to this location. The big benefit of doing this is that you’ll have as much time as you need to explore all the different attractions. It’s also worth booking a little earlier than usual. This means that you’ll have plenty of time to save up. Once you take into account the cost for tickets, the price does start to build up and it can quickly become more than you’ll be able to save in just six months. 
Of course, if you’re not in the mood for theme parks, then Orlando is still a wonderful place to explore whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, or bringing the kids in tow. For instance, you could take a trip down to the Florida Keys. This is a beautiful destination filled to the brim with stunning islands for you to explore. It’s also quite isolated which makes it the perfect choice if you want to relax, unwind, and escape some of the pressures of urban life.

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