10 Tips To Boost Your Morning Routine

Every journey starts with a first step and each day’s initial strides are taken in your morning routine – making it a crucial part of every day.

Whether you want to leap out of bed ready for a day at work or simply want to feel better while you’re catching up with friends and family, the following might help you feel energised throughout each day.

Prioritise Sleep

Advice states we should aim for 7-9 hours of restful sleep each night. So, your morning routine starts the night before by making sure you hit the hay in good time to make sure that you are properly rejuvenated.

Hydrate First Thing

Chances are you wouldn’t go eight hours during the day without drinking anything, so it’s little wonder that we tend to wake up dehydrated. Starting your day with a glass of water can kickstart your metabolism. A warm drink like matcha tea can also give you a little boost to hit the ground running.

Embrace Natural Light

Sunlight helps regulate your body’s natural cycle and boosts mood. Enjoy a morning walk or eat your breakfast outside if possible. When in the depths of winter, natural light lamps can help you gain some of those benefits.

Move Your Body

Even a short burst of exercise can energise you for the day. Go for a run, do some yoga stretches, or dance to your favourite music. Walking to work also helps in this regard.

Fuel Your Day Right

Sugary cereals may lead to mid-morning crashes that do little for your motivation. A balanced breakfast that provides protein and natural fats will keep you feeling full and focused right through to lunch.

Minimise Screen Time

Avoid checking your phone or email first thing. This can be overwhelming and disrupt your focus. Give yourself time to wake up mentally before diving into the digital world.

Do Something You Enjoy

Start your day with an activity you genuinely look forward to, whether it’s reading a few pages of a book, listening to a podcast, or playing an instrument.

Prepare The Night Before

Lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, and prep any breakfast ingredients the night before. This saves precious time in the morning and reduces stress.

Create A To-Do List

While you’re eating breakfast or exercising, make a note of everything you want to achieve that day. It may be something simple like talking to colleagues about their weekends or achieving a new PB in the gym.

Be Consistent

The key to a great morning routine is to keep doing it every morning! Once it becomes ingrained into your everyday, you’ll start to notice the benefits stretching out right across all aspects of your daily life.

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