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Hotter Shoes in Berlin

So often with blogging events it feels like I’m dashing into London, either after work or from home. We’re fortunate enough to live only 20-25 minutes away from Central so getting in and out is never a problem. It’s always a treat though when something takes place in my local shopping area. A couple of weeks ago, I popped to my local town centre Bromley for an evening with Hotter shoes.

It’s probably the right time to qualify that I’ve never owned a pair of Hotter shoes before. Of course they were on my radar and I’d been in the shop a couple of times. But I’d never really thought what was different about them and am ashamed to say considered them more suitable for ‘older’ people. Thankfully over a couple of hours, I received an education!

Our little group of bloggers looked around the shop which currently has SS17 and some classic designs and were very kindly given a pair to take home. There were plenty that caught my eye, especially as someone who loves comfort. Fortunately my work doesn’t really have a dress code so I was able to choose a pair which are fun and different that I know I’ll get plenty of wear out of, the ‘Tara’ in Lilac Floral which retail at £49.

There are plenty of amazing footwear brands on the market, and in amongst latest footwear rumours, new ones arriving all the time. So what makes a Hotter shoe different? For starters, unlike a lot of other fashion brands, they are still manufactured in the UK from a factory in Lancashire. In fact, Hotter is the UK’s biggest shoe manufacturer making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds. In 2015, they were crowned UK Manufacturer of the Year by The Queen’s Awards For Enterprise – a pretty special achievement don’t you think?

Conveniently they come in half sizes, so if you’re between sizes as I can sometimes be, you’re covered. Adjustability is built into the design and cushion comfort appears on shoes with a higher heel, at the ball and toe. No more painful feet when you walk in high heels is always a winner. Despite all the reassurances from Hotter staff however about the technology behind the shoe and just why they’re so comfy, I knew that it would have to be proven whether they could actually walk the walk.

The perfect opportunity was just a few days away and my new Hotter shoes came on our long weekend to Berlin. In fact, I put all my eggs in one basket and apart from a pair of smart black flats as I knew we were going to the opera, my new shoes were the only pair I took. My reckoning being that 4 days walking miles across the beautiful German city would definitely put them through their paces.

I’m delighted to say that having probably walked 20 miles across our long weekend, the Hotter shoes came up trumps. They are incredibly comfy and didn’t so much as cause one blister or rub in any way. My feet felt well-supported and they fit beautifully. Basically they are as comfortable as wearing slippers, which is what the company started out making originally.

A very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. I’ve already seen a pair of summer sandals that I’m going back for to add to my Hotter collection and will be checking out their new ranges regularly.

Have you been a Hotter customer before? Do you have a certain style/type of shoe you love? This post is in collaboration but all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

Hotter Shoes in Berlin

And last but by no means least, a little video of me from the Hotter Shoes You Tube channel, talking about why I love them!


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  1. April 11, 2017 / 6:48 pm

    They look great – I’m a hotter fan but am quite selective about which styles. MOH calls them old people shoes, and that’s definitely their heritage, but they are oh so comfy and I guess they have to appeal to their whole customer base. I’ve just recently experienced their customer service too, can’t fault it. Enjoy your shoes and thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

    • Lins
      April 12, 2017 / 1:17 pm

      Yes I completely agree, I’ve always given them a wide berth in the past because I wasn’t keen on the styles but it was simply because I’d never properly looked. I easily found half a dozen I liked and they are SO comfy X

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