Timeless Upgrades For A More Stylish Home

Our homes are our safe space, where we can relax, unwind and recharge. They’re also places for socialising, entertaining and spending time with our family, friends and loved ones. This means that our homes need to be practical as well as stylish and ideally, reflect who we are and make us feel happy and inspired.

If you want to make your home feel more timeless and chic, there are plenty of little things you can do that will make a big difference to the overall look and feel – take a look at some suggestions below.

Less is More

I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of fairly clutter-free home (our room of room aside but that’s mainly Pete’s stuff anyway. A tidy, well-organised, home not only looks better but also creates space and decluttering can even improve our mental health. It can often feel natural, especially when times are challenging, to hold on to items that we feel nostalgia for but anything we no longer need or use should be the first to go.I’ve sometimes struggled with letting go of objects that were originally gits but then have to remember this is our home and I want to appreciate what we have here. Decluttering feels even better if you can use it as an opportunity to donate to charity or make some extra profit through Ebay. I’ve been selling on Ebay on and off for years and I truly believe that everything has a price. We also have a clear-out every 6 months or so and pop a lot of items for free on our drive for our local residents association – free to a good new home!

Declutttering can often feel overwhelming and I know Pete feels this way about his room of “stuff” because every time he says he’s going to start sorting it out, he spends hours in there and ends up going through a bag of receipts. Yes, I am eternally patient. The best approach is to take one room or even area at a time, for example a chest of drawers. Never try and take on too much.

Replacing Hardware

Replacing the hardware throughout our home is one of my favourite easy-but-super-effective tasks that give an instant upgrade without requiring too much effort. On our front door we replaced all of the door furniture a few years ago including the letterbox. Internally, I’ve gradually working my way round refurbishing the doors and replacing the handles too. In the kitchen I originally tried spraying the cupboard knobs but ultimately it doesn’t last with high touch areas. Replacing the knobs really elevated the look. These things are often overlooked in favour of wallpapering, refreshing wall paint or replacing soft furnishings but upgrading these ‘background’ items in your home can totally alter the overall look and feel of the space.

Upgrade Radiators

Practical items in your home needn’t be boring and I’m a little bit obsessed with radiators. We’ve so far replaced both our living room and hallway radiators and the difference they’ve made in both rooms is immense. Plus, they’re so much warmer and efficient than our old ones were. There is no shortage of stylish designs and colours on the market these days, and consider switching your kitchen and bathroom radiators to vertical radiators for a sleeker look that also frees up space.

Add Greenery

Incorporating greenery into our interior design can not only help create a fresh feel in our homes but houseplants are good for your health too. Plants can add a pop of colour to a neutral room and give rooms a relaxing, homely feel. Utilise different types and sizes of plants and don’t forget to consider the colour and style of the plant pot or hanger too. Small plants are perfect for a windowsill or hall table and larger ones can become a focus or centrepiece in living areas or bedrooms. Just be sure to research the type of plant and how much light it needs so you can place it in a space where it will thrive.

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