How To Transform Your Garden Space On A Budget

Summer is in full swing and even though the blackberries are starting to appear, it’s never too late to make some garden updates. I often think that September is one of the loveliest months (I bet I’ve jinxed it now). Gardens are often the last thing we think about with home renovation projects and it can be hard to find some extra pennies to spuce up a less than inviting space.

However, you really don’t have to break the bank to revamp your garden and make it more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing. Get inspiration by combining savvy spending with a bit of gardening know-how meaning it’s easier than ever to add a bit of personality to your outside space.

A lick of colour, the salvaging of unused plant pots, or even some well-planted flowers can make a world of difference and transform your outdoor space into the perfect haven. Here are some handy ways to update your garden for less.

Repurpose wooden crates

Wooden crates or delivery pallets can be used for more than just carrying household goods and can be a great addition to your garden. They’re easy to repurpose, and even just a lick of paint can transform them into something stylish.

There are some amazingly creative uses too – I’ve seen them transformed into everything from outdoor seating to bars and tiki huts! Design options are limitless; arrange single cubbies at staggered intervals or fix two or three together to create a pigeon-hole style shelf unit.

In terms of tools it couldn’t be easier – take a portable cordless drill and away you go!

If wood isn’t your preferred material, to elevate the aesthetic of your garden space without breaking the bank, consider incorporating the timeless elegance of copper window boxes and planters.

Recycle old glass jars

We get through so many glass jars through cooking and I wish I was more resourceful at repurposing them. One idea is to transform them into mini planters and vases. Whether they’re for growing herbs or displaying cut flowers from the garden, they’re easy to decorate depending on your chosen style.

Another use for them is as tea light holders/lanterns for the garden at night-time. Purpose-designed outdoor lighting can be very expensive but taking an assortment of glass jars and filling them with candles or fairy lights is the perfect eco-friendly, budget and quirky alternative.

Build your own fire pit

There’s something lovely about being able to enjoy gardens from dusk and beyond, but our classic British weather doesn’t always make it a warm affair. Garden fire pits, chimineas, patio heaters and more have become all the rage with an increasing number of options now available in stores and online.

They can come at a hefty cost though so why not be resourceful? Fire pits can easily be created in a garden with some bricks and a bit of space – plus if you no longer have need for it, it can be easily dismantled and no unnecessary wastage.

Paint, paint, paint!

If there’s something to be painted in a garden I’ve probably done it. Of course paint can sometimes be a costly initial outlay, but imagine painting a fence versus replacing it – I know which is cheaper.

I’ve painted our fences, our retaining wall, our back door, even the drainpipes! Not to mention the outdoor furniture and of course the patio. In fact, our outdoor furniture is coming up to 10 years old which just goes to show how paint can give items a new lease of life.

Just make sure that you use the right type of paint for outdoor projects – masonry paint can be expensive but it’s definitely worth it in terms of long-lasting.


I’ve had a few iterations of our back garden over the years and despite all the “inspiration” you may see on Instagram of yet another pergola, you really don’t need to spend a lot to create a space you love, and most importantly, that’s uniquely yours. Think about items you can repurpose, paint you may already have and some supermarket plants and you can make the most of the warmer days on a budget too!

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