Abroad Edit: Travel Plans Continue…Next Stop France?

Now that our trips to Malaysia and Berlin are complete, we have NO more foreign holidays booked for the rest of 2018. I know, I know. First world problems, right? But seriously, booking time out is so important. The last two locations were pretty much my choice so now I’m turning my sights to something Pete may enjoy and is fairly close to home.

He’s always spoken about wanting to see more of France and whereas I’ve got the German knack in me, French is definitely more his vibe. As a country it has so much to offer. One day you can be relaxing on a beach, the next in a gallery, and the next up a mountain, but no matter the activity there’s always a glass of wine waiting at the end. My workmate has a fairly new travel blog and recently returned from Alsace. Her pictures on Instagram and what she described looked and sounded so idyllic that France is now high on my agenda for a visit. But what to focus on?

Wine Tours

When you’re in a country famous for its vineyards – with some people arguing it’s got the best wine the world – it would be rude not to try at least a tipple. Vineyards in France are absolutely stunning, they roll through the lush countryside, and simply walking through them is an absolute treat. I could close my eyes and imagine myself to be in some sort of cheesy romantic drama. Or our version of the film Sideways, swapping California for France.

Walking Tours

Now I’m not sure if I could get Pete in love with the idea of a walking tour, but isn’t it always the best way to see a country? I could be convinced though for a walk up some majestic mountains or through picturesque villages and so a walking holiday in France could be just what we need. It’s a country full of diverse landscapes, and just imagine all the Instagram photo opportunities…

City Break

Safe to say, we do love a good city break with New York, Tallinn and Berlin recently under our belts. From the glamorous capital Paris, to the elegant Marseille and beautiful Bordeaux, we’re completely spoilt for choice. I’m also more than a little addicted to people watching and think I’d be perfectly placed outside a café watching the world go by. Followed of course by a stroll around to take in some architecture and maybe a gallery or two.


Pah, I’d be willing to place our house on the fact you’ll never see me or Pete on the slopes. We’re neither of us adrenalin junkies and he is whole-heartedly a risk-averse person. Apres-ski on the other hand? Well I could be tempted. Hot chocolates wrapped up in cosy throws with a bit of fondu for good measure and then a trip to the spa or sauna, what’s not to love? Just don’t get me involved in any exercise.

Have you been to France recently? What tips do you have to share?

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