The Essential Homeowners’ DIY Toolbox

I think any homeowner will agree with me that DIY tasks around the house are never-ending from simple repairs to extensive home improvements. I’m not the handiest person in the world, showing more willing than expertise but fortunately, Google and YouTube are our friends and there are so many easy to follow tutorials, even for dunces like me. If you can follow instructions (after all, how hard can it be) and have some decent implements at your disposal, there are a whole host of tasks that you will be able to take on.

So here are Lins’ tips for your toolkit essentials. Bear in mind also that you tend to get what you pay for with tools and it’s better to make a quality investment from somewhere like Milwaukee Tool so that you’ll have something for a lifetime. Pete has purchased all kinds of handy gadgets since we bought the house and it pays off every time.


Enough said. You can’t hang everything with command strips as much as that would be great and sometimes a hammer can be super handy just to release a little bit of DIY frustration. But try to keep it to banging in nails and not thumbs.

Screwdriver Set

I use screwdrivers for EVERYTHING. Prising the lids of rusty old paint cans for starters. Unfortunately though I can never be bothered to find the right screwdriver for the task in hand and so it invariably takes me twice as long as it needs to get a job done.

Adjustable Wrench

If screws or nails are not involved then it will be nuts and bolts which means that an adjustable wrench is a smart investment and it will be one of your most used tools. I have to confess I haven’t quite got to grips with wrenches yet but they’re super handy.

Electric Drill

Pete is the electric drill demon around here. I’m not entirely sure he trusts me to use one without drilling through a cable in the wall. Essential for drilling holes, driving screws and taking out screws. We’ve got a cordless one, the only downside is that with our 1930’s walls it requires a lot of charge at times depending on the project.


Many projects will require sawing through either plastic, wood or metal with accuracy and a hacksaw is the best way to do this. We’ve used ours most recently to help with getting the skirting boards off in the living room prepping for replastering.


I love getting to grips with pliers, I recently painted our home office and had great fun pulling all the nails out of the wall. It’s about the only job I can do without messing anything else up.

There we have it, stock up on these essentials and hopefully it should see you through most domestic improvements. And if all else fails – outsource to a handyman!

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