Different Bedding Types: Which Is Best For A Good Night’s Sleep

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You spend around a third of your life in bed, so shouldn’t you invest in comfort? That’s why we’ve pulled together this short guide to different types of bedding. You’ll learn about the best sheets to snuggle in, which help regulate your temperature best, and what duvet to buy for allergy control. Read on to learn all the basics of a good night’s sleep.

Best Temperature Regulation

Sleep experts suggest that around 18 degrees Celsius is the optimal room temperature for a good night’s sleep. If you only invest in thick, winter-appropriate bedding, you could find yourself sweaty and uncomfortable once summer finally arrives. For your duvet, choose a multi-season option or, alternatively, a double-layer duvet which allows you to separate it into two thinner coverlets.

Now, onto sheets. While satin sheets feel smooth and silky on the skin, they’re often not very breathable. Consider swapping them out for cotton during the summer. Cotton rarely leaves you sweating and, on warm nights, it helps wick moisture away. Other breathable options include bamboo and viscose blends.

Best Bedding for Anyone with Allergies

Allergies affect so many people and they’re not always seasonal. Duvets, pillows, and blankets often collect dust which can be packed with allergens. However, it’s possible to source hypoallergenic bedding that reduces the chances of your sheets making you sneeze.

There’s a myth that organic materials are more naturally hypoallergenic. While organic options like cotton and silk are low in allergens, other organic options like feathers and down are notorious for trapping dust. Choose sheets with a tight weave that are less likely to trap dust, and wash them regularly. Check the packaging of any duvet you’re considering as it should tell you what the filling is made of and if it’s suitable for allergy sufferers. Look for the terms “anti-allergy” and “hypoallergenic.” If you don’t see those, it’s probably not the duvet for you.

Best for Fighting Bedhead

No one can guarantee that you’ll wake up looking perfect every day, however, some pillowcases help prevent nighttime tangles. The less friction your pillowcase produces, the less damage your hair takes during your nighttime movements. Rougher pillowcases can cause frizz, tangles, and even hair breakage. If you wake up with hair on the pillow, consider buying a satin alternative.

Best Sheets for Comfort

Sliding into bed at the end of a long day should feel wonderful. If your sheets are rough and scratchy, that’s not going to help you have a relaxing night’s sleep. It’s always worth shopping around for sheets and coverlets that combine durability with comfort. The smoothest night’s sleep will always be in satin sheets, which glide over your skin. Just remember that on hot nights, satin can leave you feeling warm and sweaty.

A good alternative is a cotton sheet with a high thread count. The higher the thread count, the smoother and more luxurious the sheets will feel. Linen is another breathable, luxurious material although it’s not quite as smooth as cotton. For the ultimate combination of breathability and smoothness, silk sheets are an ideal choice. However, silk can be prohibitively expensive for some. Most people find high-quality cotton a good middle ground.

If you get cold in bed during winter, you could opt for some flannel or fuzzy microfiber sheets. These sheets have a softer, brushed texture which helps capture your body heat and stop you from getting cold. However, some people don’t like the texture of these types of sheets. If that describes you, invest in a thicker duvet for winter or some layered blankets.

Combine Style and Practicality for the Perfect Bedding Investment

Of course, you also need to consider the look and style of your bedding. You might want something simple and minimalist, or brash, bold patterns that make your room a fun place to hang out. Look out for retailers with a wide range of bedding options from top brands and designers. Check that they provide the materials you need as well as designs that make your heart happy. The right bedding every night makes all your mornings a little brighter.

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