The Dream Muck N Brass Wallpaper

Muck N Brass ChiMiracle Wallpaper

When it comes to impulse buys for our home, I’m a bit of a nightmare. I see something and just know I can find a place for it. We’re working our way through one of the bedrooms and I’d clocked the fabulous Muck N Brass on Instagram some time ago. Based just up the road from me, owner Zoe Pocock created Muck N Brass after 15 years working in the fashion and beauty industry. The result is a dreamy luxecycling furniture business, creating individual pieces and running workshops. Now we have some of her creativity on our walls and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

The bedroom in question is kind of a spare room. We bought a sofa bed quite quickly after moving in and it’s functional rather than stylish. The room has seen new floors and skirting boards. We’ve reinstated the picture rails and painted in a soft grey colour from Valspar. It also now has built in alcove cupboards. But it just felt like something was missing, a bit of life and colour.

And of course, if you’re going to make a difference, it’s worth going to town right? I saw and instantly loved the ChiMiracle grey wallpaper with it’s pops of colour and crazy animal print. I knew it would work perfectly with the grey paint on the other walls and give some interest to our sofa bed.

Is it a feature wall? Who knows. I wouldn’t call it one and even though they’re no longer fashionable, I love the fact that it’s just one wall. It looks stunning and according to our decorator it was great to work with. I’m so happy too that we’ve now found someone local after a lot of false starts for all the tricky jobs. Painting I can cope with but there is zero patience in me for wallpaper.

Now it’s my favourite space in the house and I keep peeping in on my way to work just to check it’s still there and it hasn’t all been a dream. So if you’re looking for a special commission or bold design, look no further than Muck N Brass for stunning quality and unique pieces. Now I just need to convince Pete I need one of the mannequin plant pots, wish me luck!

Muck N Brass ChiMiracle Wallpaper

Muck N Brass ChiMiracle Wallpaper

Muck N Brass ChiMiracle Wallpaper

Muck N Brass ChiMiracle Wallpaper

Muck N Brass ChiMiracle Wallpaper

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  1. March 13, 2018 / 7:56 am

    I love it so much and totally agree that it adds the pattern and colour that the room needed (although it looked great before, too!). Is the sofa bed comfortable? I feel like I need to book myself a visit to see the room in real life! 😉

  2. Claire Armstrong
    March 14, 2018 / 12:31 pm

    I’d never heard of Muck N Brass before, I’ve just checked out their website and I love their funky stuff. I will be going back for another good look.

  3. Meera
    March 14, 2018 / 2:15 pm

    I’m going to call it a feature wall, and it’s a good one! 😉 The wallpaper is absolutely stunning! Great choice xx

  4. March 14, 2018 / 8:49 pm

    I’m so in love with this brand. I’ve got one of the prints and each time one of the mannequin hand lamps come on site I’m too late! Definitely one to watch and this wallpaper is just INCREDIBLE isnt it?

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