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*This post contains gifted items from Posterlounge*

There’s a part of me that feels slightly strange thinking about travel at a time like this. At the same time, I take so much comfort from all the adventures we’ve been on and hope to create many more memories at some point in the future. Travel has always been a huge part of my life, from studying abroad at Uni to dragging Mr D all the way to Bora Bora for our honeymoon because I wanted to go somewhere no-one else had been (FYI, worth it!)

We’ve had lots of adventures closer to home too and love a city break, escaping from a Thursday to Sunday – it’s amazing how just a couple of days in a different city can provide so much respite from daily life. When Posterlounge got in touch to ask if I’d like to collaborate on some artwork for our home, I thought it could be the perfect opportunity to capture some of our favourite cities for the as yet undecorated wall in our living room.

Here’s what Posterlounge have to say about their collection:

“We at Posterlounge don’t care for empty walls. Our mission: To bring a splash of colour into your life with our wall pictures and art prints! With a great love of detail, we breathe new life into classical artworks by Monet, Klimt or Van Gogh, and furthermore provide a platform for contemporary artists and photographers to sell their art without the need for complex marketing strategies which leaves more time for the creative process. Thus, we can make sure that there is something for every home in our wide range of more than 100,000 images”

Indeed, searching the vast collection is no mean feat so Lins’ top tip would be to perhaps have an idea of what you’re looking for so you can search by maybe theme, or colour to narrow down the huge amount of options. You can select from a number of different finishes, depending what style you like and what look you’re after – canvas prints, acrylic, posters, wall stickers. No matter the project, they’ll cater for all tastes, rooms, styles and all in one place.

I knew that I didn’t want to create a gallery wall in the same style as our other living room wall, but I’d rather choose a set of 3 larger prints that still had meaning to us. I came across the travel collection by Katinka Reinke that I really fell in love – simple, beautiful colours but such iconic representations of the cities she depicts. Choosing premium prints, I opted for Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest, three cities that Mr D and I have been too and absolutely love.


We’ve been twice to Amsterdam, once in 2006 and then last year. In 2006 we hadn’t been together very long and it was our second holiday together. I love any city that’s easy to walk in and Amsterdam is just that – meandering around the canals is so tranquil. We returned last year to see Hugh Jackman’s Musical Tour (yes, it is one of the best nights of my life ha!) and had the best time. I could probably visit Amsterdam once a year.

Berliner Dom and Fernsehturm
The Break Is Over

We’ve also been twice to Berlin, in 2017 and 2018. It was always somewhere we wanted to visit because we’d heard so many reports of what a great city it is, young and vibrant and creative even with all the incredible history. It’s somewhere I would feel completely comfortable by myself and again, love to just walk around and soak it all up. The first visit we went on an amazing walking tour to learn all about the history and when we returned in 2018 we went to see Guns n Roses at the iconic Olympic stadium, still almost exactly as it was during the 1936 Olympics. Our friends Christine and Jan from Little House on the Corner also currently live in Berlin so it’s always a good opportunity to catch up with them.


A whistle-stop tour in 2015 when we went for my friend’s 1950’s themed wedding. We were actually in the city for less than 48 hours, taking a cheapie flight from Luton and staying in a beautiful Air Bnb in the centre of the city with another friend. We spent a large amount of time either drinking or hungover (after all with two nights of partying there was little choice!) but Pete and I covered a lot of ground. Split into Buda and Pest either side of the romantic Danube, it’s one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve been to and despite the warmth and lack of sleep we even made it all the way up to the castle. There’s an unmistakable vibrancy about the city and you can tell the younger generations are very proud of its new modern direction.

Taking my measurements on the living room wall, I decided on 3 large sizes that would look really striking and create a feature. Posterlounge also offer a choice of frames which is IDEAL for me as 90% of the time I order a print online and then it takes 6 months for me to actually hang it. I opted for the white frames for all 3 prints and placed my order. The order process is very straightforward and if you do opt for a frame, you can see an impression of what it will look like too.

Delivery was incredibly quick and they deliver throughout Europe at such reasonable costs. And what a bonus – the prints were already framed. This may sound obvious but I’ve ordered prints and frames from different vendors before and they come requiring you to do the work. Not that I mind but a specialist is always going to be able to do a better job than me so I was delighted Posterlounge had done the work.

Owing to their size I opted to use a picture hook kit to hang them on the wall and I couldn’t be happier with how they look. The perfect way to finish off our living room and capture some of our happy travel memories, thank you Posterlounge.

Do you have a favourite holiday destination or any city breaks you can recommend? I’d love to hear about it.

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