New Interior Trends For 2024: Welcoming Spring With Light And Colour

The start of a new year is one of the most natural moments to refresh the décor in your household. Whether your theme revolves around delicate pastels or bright, playful contrasts, it’s always worth experimenting with light, shadows, and colours.

You don’t need to be an expert in interior design to refresh your home with stylish seasonality. Here are four of the most accessible trends to try this spring.

Why decorate early for spring?

It might only be January, but there’s nothing wrong with getting your home ready to welcome some warmer weather. While the changing of the seasons can feel bittersweet for many, embracing the period will reveal your home’s potential for the upcoming year.

Whether you choose to rejuvenate with new textures or add colour with a fresh lick of paint, there are plenty of opportunities for change.

Our favourite ideas for a spring refresh
Choose the natural palette

Bring the outdoors into your home and seamlessly incorporate colours inspired by nature. What better way to start the year than with some deep, verdant greens and sky-blue tones? When an earthy palette is paired with beautiful winter houseplants, the effects can be profound. Create a calming, clean space and restore that sense of balance in your home.

Upgrade your lighting

Illuminating your home with thoughtfully chosen light fittings is one of the most effective ways to showcase your style. From bold designs on lampshades to striking, industrial-style fixtures, there plenty of ways to decorate and celebrate your home with designer lighting.

For a classic look, you might prefer thick, material lampshades that infuse both warmth and vibrancy into the cosiest corners of your home.

Try seasonal aromas

If you’re not ready to wholly embrace the sensual hallmarks of springtime – including the smell of delicate flowers – you might prefer to keep some seasonal scents in your home. Warm spices like cinnamon make a popular choice, and they can easily be combined with sweet orange and sensual black pepper to create a smooth, relaxing atmosphere. For a fresh, clean feel, try lighter scents like eucalyptus.

Layer up with textures

Proportion, contrast, and balance are all important principles of interior design, and you can emphasise all three by varying the textures in your home. Cosy up with soft throws and cushions, especially those with different – but preferably natural – fibres. It’s always worth learning how to choose natural fibres like jute, hessian, or delicate wool over synthetic fabrics, especially when it comes to soft furnishings in your living space.


Leave those January blues behind with these easy steps towards a fresher-feeling home. When you pay attention to the details, it’s amazing how much you can transform a space. You don’t need to use a huge budget either, so why not get started today?

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