Lins’ Lockdown List: Motivation For All Your Home Tasks

Well here we are. Week Eleven Hundred and Twelvety of lockdown. Speaking of, is anyone else slightly concerned as to just how easily that new word, previously only used in episodes of 24, is now part of our everyday vocabulary? Pete and I will say things like “yeah, lockdown is making us cook more but won’t it be nice to go out for dinner?”

In all seriousness though, if it really is true that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, then I can no longer keeping telling myself that I’m still getting used to lockdown. It’s been here for what, 4 weeks now, and most of us have been concerned about things for waaaaaay longer than that so it’s time to stop using it as an excuse for me (and remember you do you!) to sit around doing nothing.

Therefore I present to you: Lins’ Lockdown List. Alllll those small jobs around the house that I’ve been meaning to do since forever but as I hate cleaning and am quite spectacular at procrastinating they just never get done.

My original plan had been to think of 100 things but I’ve “only” made it to about 75 so far. And not all of them will get done – one of the items is to tile inside my fireplace but I have beautiful encaustic tiles, no idea and no equipment so it’s doubtful as to whether it will make it. I’m keeping it on the list though as a reminder that it needs doing, even if it’s a post lockdown job.

I’ve realised that for me to try and make sense of all this, I need to have some sort of routine/structure/purpose, even if it’s just a loose one. I will be heading back to full-time work at some point and if I look back on this time and think I had the perfect opportunity to tackle some of these jobs and didn’t do it, I know I’ll be annoyed at myself.

And they don’t need to be huge either. Wiping down my kitchen cupboard fronts is one such small task, something that never ever gets done even when I do clean the kitchen. I cleaned out the fridge the other day, not done in over a year, and the sense of calm and enjoyment I felt afterwards was so pleasing.

I hope this helps, I’ll be sharing as I make my way through the list (in no particular order mind) over on Instagram stories, and if it encourages just one or two of you to tackle something then that’s my job done!

  1. Clean living room windows inside
  2. Clean living room shutters
  3. Paint living room door
  4. Change living room door handle
  5. Clean out alcove cupboards
  6. Clean out log burner ready for autumn
  7. Annual log burner painting
  8. Tile fireplace
  9. Clean behind hallway console table
  10. Organise understairs cupboard
  11. Paint side of front door
  12. Paint kitchen woodwork
  13. Clean hob hood
  14. Clean oven
  15. Hang veg bag hooks
  16. Spray gold hooks for accessories
  17. Clean out the fridge
  18. Check freezer contents and organise
  19. Clean catflap inside and out
  20. Finish painting dining room door
  21. Drill hole for dish in dining room
  22. Clean and hang dish in dining room
  23. Paint dining room window woodwork
  24. Clean outside patio doors
  25. Paint patio door sill
  26. Touch up beading in dining room
  27. Paint patio furniture
  28. Jetwash path
  29. Jetwash brick border
  30. Finish path at back of garden
  31. Paint patio
  32. Paint outside side gate and fence
  33. Sand 5 spindles
  34. Paint first landing windowsill
  35. Paint first landing window walls
  36. Fill bathroom panel ends
  37. Paint back of bathroom boiler cupboard
  38. Clean out bathroom cupboards
  39. Tidy back spare room
  40. Paint back spare room door
  41. Paint back spare room windowsill
  42. Ebay listings
  43. Hang wall planters
  44. Hoover cobwebs top landing and bedroom
  45. Clean bedroom velux inside and out
  46. Deep clean office
  47. Put up wall piece in office
  48. Fix calendar on back of door
  49. Clean moss on bottom of the wall
  50. Change bedroom light switches
  51. Paint bedroom door
  52. Caulk bedroom woodwork
  53. Clear out wardrobe
  54. Replace with summer clothes
  55. Paint en-suite walls
  56. Repair en-suite ceiling
  57. Remove plastic blind hooks en-suite window
  58. Change en-suite flooring
  59. Paint en-suite accessories
  60. Clean en-suite door sugar soap
  61. Finish brick edging in garden
  62. Build and paint growhouse
  63. Frame London print
  64. Fix organiser on back of understairs cupboard
  65. Wipe down all kitchen cupboard doors
  66. Clean out make up in dressing table drawer
  67. Sort out clothes drawers
  68. Clean under outdoor tap
  69. Touch up paint around bedroom light
  70. Repaint outdoor seating table to grey
  71. Thread dry flowers onto dining room dish
  72. Build a protection for the outdoor seeds
  73. Paint tete a tete seat
  74. Touch up outside door handle
  75. Makeover bedroom chest of drawers

And there we go! Some big things, some not so. I’ll be delighted if I can use some of my days productively to get me through these tasks, it really does help me if I can feel a sense of achievement with something. If you want to join in on Insta then just tag me with #linslockdownlist and I’d love to see what you get up to!

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