Our Festive Weekend & A Cocktail Recipe

Columbia Road Flower Market

We’ve long had a tradition that when we come back from holiday, there has to be something to look forward to. With work often getting in the way of all the things we’d really love to be doing, we decided to treat ourselves to a little fun weekend of festive cheer and make sure Saturday and Sunday didn’t disappear in their usual haze of housework and shopping.

Heading off early on a foggy Saturday morning, we drove to Greenwich and chose our tree from Pines and Needles who have outlets all over London. For some reason we didn’t get a tree last year, goodness knows why. There’s nothing more Christmassy for me than the smell of a real tree and we picked out a 6ft one for the bay window in our living room. It does actually take up a lot of space but there’s nothing else there at the moment so it can stay and besides, Boo is doing the best job of stripping needles anyway…

After picking out the tree we meandered down through the park, eerily deserted because of the fog, and decided to stop at Bill’s for breakfast. Hot chocolate with flake and the yummiest avocado and poached egg on gluten free toast. Feeling full, we set off for Greenwich Market to do some Christmas shopping. Every year I say I’ll be organised and start in October. Every year, I fail and start when there’s just a week to go until the day itself.

Bills Restaurant Greenwich

On Sunday, another early start to Columbia Road Flower Market. It’s become my favourite way to make the approach of Christmas, stopping off on the last Sunday to stock up on festive flowers. This year I brought home white hydrangeas, eucalyptus and berries and we finally found a wreath for the front door. Not the perfect wreath but close enough. Although we made it there just after 8, it was absolutely packed already, as much as I love it a dawn raid is essential and any later would only be for the faint-hearted.

Returning home, we set about decorating the tree, lighting candles and settling down to a relaxing evening. Even though it’s another working week ahead for us both, we decided to end Sunday on a high with some fabulously retro and indulgent cocktails, the ‘Snowball’. I must confess to being a bit of a Snowball novice having only had them a few times before but armed with a bottle of Warninks Advocaat and some fresh limes, it was time for a little bit of kitchen adventure and they turned out beautifully.

Warninks Advocaat Snowball

Warninks Advocaat Snowball

Warninks Advocaat Snowball

If you’d like to settle down to your own Snowballs, here’s what you’ll need to do them perfect festive justice:

  1. Take 100ml of Warninks Advocaat and shake with 50ml fresh lime juice and ice.
  2. Strain into a glass and top with lemonade and crushed ice. Add your favourite accompaniments from cinnamon sticks to toasted marshmallows
  3. Sit back and enjoy!

It was such a treat to enjoy a grown up cocktail instead of our usual glass of wine or beer. What’s your favourite drink at this time of year?

Post written in collaboration. You can find Warninks Advocaat in most supermarkets.

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