Our New Built-In Cupboards

Spare Room Built-In Cupboards

It’s been a productive couple of months in #projectselondonhome. After the rendering and painting of the front and side of the house was finished in June, it felt like nothing happened. But then all of a sudden we got the bit between our teeth and have been making good progress over the past few weekends.

I’ve written before about how so many of these jobs are a big slidy puzzle – our second bedroom is the one we’ve decided to turn into a guest bedroom but it’s currently so full of ‘stuff’ we can barely get in there. In order to move some of those things out though, we needed somewhere to put them. And by ‘stuff’ I actually mean Pete’s epic CD collection which he estimates totals around 3,000. I. Kid. You. Not. So we’ve been rejigging and utilising our third bedroom to make space.

Here’s a few pictures of where this room has come from when we inherited the house and where we are now. So far we’ve taken down shelves and repainted it white, pulled up the carpet and put in new flooring and skirting and now added the cupboards so progress is being made as slow as it feels at times.




We decided to put the alcoves in our third bedroom to good use, creating bespoke built-in storage which can *fingers crossed* accommodate all of the CDs in turn freeing up huge amounts of space in our guest-room to be. So whilst they may took like wardrobes they’re anything but. Yet in time-honoured fashion, we were picky about what we actually wanted. Doors that weren’t flat-fronted so they had some appeal to them, good quality and of course sturdy enough to be able to carry huge weight.

Thankfully the carpenter Pete found did a stirling job and after just over a week of very long days, we have our new cupboards. I had taken some progress photos along the way but lost them when my bag (and phone) was stolen so unfortunately all there is the end result but we’re so pleased with them. The room is still big and airy enough to not feel cramped even though the alcove space is gone.

Now it’s up to me to paint the doors and source some pretty new handles but perhaps that’s easier than shifting all the CDs into their new home. It’s strange to have a bedroom which is probably never actually going to serve that purpose – we have a sofa bed in there for extra guests and it was the room I kept all my stock in for DaisychainBaby. I think it’s next incarnation will be as a blogging room with lovely light for photos and space for props and styling. Watch this space!

Spare Room Built-In Cupboards

Spare Room Built-In Cupboards

Spare Room Built-In Cupboards

Spare Room Built-In Cupboards


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  1. December 9, 2016 / 2:25 pm

    The look fab – I love how they’re flush with the chimney breast, too. Can’t wait to see them painted and finished.
    PS. 3000 Cds?! I had to laugh as I turned round to my collection of around 20 (which is on the floor next to my desk waiting to be digitised).

    • Lins
      January 1, 2017 / 9:50 pm

      Haha I kid you not!! I got rid of all my CDs about 10 years ago but he is nothing if not a hoarder! I hope you had a fab Christmas and looking forward to hearing more about your apartment very soon! X

  2. December 12, 2016 / 12:45 pm

    This is such a great use of space! Those shelves are perfect for CDs! Nothing like having bespoke storage that actually works for you. We ripped out some built-in wardrobes when we moved in to our house, which felt like sacrilege, but actually, they weren’t wide enough to accommodate a coat hanger so were completely pointless. We also realised once we had done some measuring that removing them would allow us to have a double bed in the room, instead of a single, so it was an easy decision. However, we’ve since built-in a new one in our bedroom and are about to add one to the bathroom. I doubt they will be this precise and perfect though! x

    • Lins
      January 1, 2017 / 10:19 pm

      Built-in wardrobes and cupboards are such a funny thing aren’t they? We have some in our spare room that we’re going to turn into a guest room which we will rip out, only to replace them! They’ve been built like a stand-alone wardrobe so don’t go all the way up to the ceiling which means they just collect dust and dirt, so annoying. Plus they’re pretty ugly too 🙂 I just love seeing and sharing ideas with other renovators, it’s the best! Xx

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