What Does Your Favourite Gemstone Say About You?


Gemstones are a beautiful addition to just about any piece of jewellery. They add shimmer and shine to create stunning looks that go with ballgowns and everyday outfits, ensuring your outfit is enhanced wherever life takes you. Many people choose gemstones based on how they look, but did you know they also hold significant meanings?

Whether you’re in the process of buying an engagement ring for your loved one or want to learn more about your existing jewellery, knowing what each gemstone says about the wearer can be beneficial. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on what some of the most popular gemstones say about the person wearing them.

Continue reading our guide below to find out more about your jewellery and how to take care of your gemstones properly.

What do different gemstones say about the person wearing them?

Diamonds are of course known as a girl’s best friend! They are the most popular when it comes to wedding jewellery, as diamond rings are a classic choice. If diamonds are your favourite, you are sophisticated, honest and probably have great taste.


If you love rubies, you’re passionate and intense. The red hues indicate that you lead by your emotions and possess confidence in everything you do.


Pearl is a classic gemstone that’s loved by many and has a lot of history. This gemstone suggests you’re a powerful person with strong morals and loyalty.


Emerald is very rare, and the stone is said to soothe the soul. You’ll typically be a witty and articulate person who loves to problem-solve if you wear emeralds.


Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal. If it’s your go-to jewellery, you’re probably very precise yet also in touch with your emotions. These are an affordable option too, thanks to their availability.


This precious gemstone is a beautiful option and is most commonly known for its blue shade. However, it’s available in pink, green, yellow and several other colours too. Sapphire wearers are typically known to be serene, honest and hopeful for the future.  


Citrine is November’s birthstone and is a beautiful option that is worn by free spirits as it works perfectly with bubbly and creative personalities. The yellow diamond is a stunning option if you’re looking for something a little more unique.

Caring for your gemstone jewellery

Whichever you choose to get or own is sure to be a beautiful piece that you never tire of wearing to major events and in everyday life. If you want to ensure your gemstone shines and sparkles just like the first day you unboxed it, knowing how to clean and care for your jewellery is a must. Here are some top tips on how to do this:

  • Handle cautiously
  • Don’t use chemicals to clean it
  • Store in a reliable jewellery box
  • Avoid exercising and showering in it
  • Don’t bump the gemstones on hard surfaces

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