Monday Catch Up #14

It feels SO great to be blogging again after a break of a few days – I can’t even say we’ve been busy on home projects, it has literally been all hands on deck listing new season stock for DaisychainBaby and I’m still only about a third of the way through. Sigh. So this week hasn’t been particularly exciting but here’s a little look back.

Monday to Wednesday I was at work and cheering myself up with colourful scarves and funky shoes.


funky shoesWe also knocked up this tasty chicken and broccoli using a Lloyd Grossman “pan melt” that I found in the supermarket on an introductory offer for ¬£1. It’s so easy to use, just cook up whatever you want and then melt in the sauce. Easy peasy. Pete doesn’t cook and I often can’t be bothered so we’re more about heating things up which we really need to change.

chicken and broccoliOn Tuesday after work my lovely next door neighbour came round with her daughter for a bit of makeup makeover session – I never do proper makeup and don’t even know how. My entire makeup collection lives in two small bags and in fact could probably fit in one. Tracey used to work for Estee Lauder and her daughter Lex has her own photography business¬† so I knew these were the ladies to ask. It was a lot of fun and I now know how to use eye-liner and apply foundation.

messy makeupWednesday I officially declared it autumn with the return of my faithful H&M poncho. It never sees the light of day during the warmer months but I’ve had it probably 3 or 4 years now and I absolutely love it.poncho

The running is back in full swing and so far it’s 9 straight days of running in a row which feels so good. Crazy pooch is the best running buddy and she gets much more exercise than just walking her.

post run buddiesThursday was my last working day of the week and at least I was at home, setting up camp in our home office and taking tea breaks in the garden. We met up with my Mum and Stepdad for dinner in the evening who were headed to the theatre. Pasta Browns in Covent Garden is a great recommendation if you’re ever in the area!

home office


Friday I had the day off the day job to catch up with DaisychainBaby and put in a lot of work, stocktaking and listing new stock. It feels like one of those tasks that will get worse before it gets better but there was a very special delivery just for me, the “Warrior” sweater from Southwood Stores. It’s L.O.V.E! Just need some better photos

warrior sweatshirt

And when I got over that excitement, another delivery! This time this amazing print from A Rum Fellow which I won in a competition. So dreamy, we just need to get it framed and decide where to put it.

A Rum Fellow

Saturday dawned brightly but by the afternoon it was raining – again. Does anyone else feel like it’s done nothing but rain this August? This very special package for Maddie turned up from Barking Rad – they’ve very kindly asked us to review one of their monthly subscription boxes so a full review will follow. She wasn’t best impressed having to sit still for photos when all she wanted to do was get stuck in.

Barking Rad

On the food front, we made these deluxe fish finger sandwiches for dinner – definitely blogging this recipe since it’s so good. Proper hearty comfort food for this miserable weather.

fishfinger sandwiches

On Sunday we took Maddie for a countryside walk where she was determined to try chasing sheep. Thankfully they were safely fenced off but it didn’t stop her from trying.

countryside walk

the old laundry

It was back to work for me in the afternoon, with Def Leppard’s Greatest Hits (not ashamed, not one bit!) and my soothing Eastwick Candle¬† to stop myself from going crazy…


Eastwick Candles

Hope you’ve had a lovely week x

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  1. August 31, 2015 / 9:35 am

    Sounds super busy! I’m just catching up with blogging too – although I’ve been away on holiday so I can’t complain! Well done with the running! x

    • Lins
      September 2, 2015 / 1:28 pm

      Your pictures of your holiday have been absolutely dreamy Lizzie, I’m so glad you had a good time X

  2. August 31, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    I LOVE our Southwood Stores top. I’m still uhmming and ahhing over which one to get. I’m drawn to Brave but am not 100 percent sure yet.

    • Lins
      September 2, 2015 / 1:28 pm

      I love them ALL I just can’t justify getting any more at the moment. Something for my early Christmas list X

  3. Molly
    August 31, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    That’s one busy week! The expression on Maddie’s face as posing for the photo cracks me up, and that print from A Run Fellow is to die for – like Goethe’s colour wheels ( I guess from around the same time).

    • Lins
      September 2, 2015 / 1:27 pm

      Haha yes I think the actual review when we do it will certainly be challenging – lots of biscuit bribery I think! X

  4. Lucy
    September 3, 2015 / 10:21 am

    Ooh jealous of the make up tips! I’ve never had any idea how to do things properly (I’ve often wondered if everyone else went to a make up class at school and I missed out?!). That’s so impressive about the running, dedication! Look forward to the fish finger recipe, I put mango chutney on mine (sounds weird but works!) x

    • Lins
      September 13, 2015 / 7:41 am

      You know I used to be such a normal flavour combination person but as I’ve got older it definitely seems to work to try out new things. I think mango chutney sounds great! X

  5. September 5, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    Sounds like a busy week! I love your scarf in the first picture, that is one thing I love about colder days is that I can get my scarfs out again. Thank you for linking up to #TWTWC x

    • Lins
      September 12, 2015 / 11:14 pm

      I totally agree Kirsty, we have to have some silver linings as autumn approaches! X

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