Living Room Lighting Ideas – 5 Ways To Decorate And Illuminate Your Space

On cold winter evenings there’s nothing better than curling up at home and making the most of a cosy space. I love our log burner, blankets and something good on the TV but the most important element of a snug room is lighting. 

Lighting is often one of the hardest decisions to make when redecorating or renovating but it’s so important to take your time and make the right decision. If you’re struggling to choose, here are five ways to decorate and illuminate your space like an expert. All of these ideas will blend seamlessly with LED lights for the living room.

The Fun Lampshade

Lamps are a mainstay of interior decorating and won’t ever go out of fashion. From the Victorian era to the modern-day digital world, lamps have made a permanent space in most homes regardless of where they are in the world. Lamps are a perfect decorative item to create an ambient atmosphere and these days can almost steal the show.

Why not pick a fun lamp shade as a different yet eye-catching way of decorating your space through lights? Almost any style or design is possible and if you’re a fan of wallpaper, you can find either a co-ordinating design or if you’re feeling really bold, why not go for pattern clash to really make a statement.

Multi-Level Pendants

Pendants type lights have been very popular for a long time now, providing a sophisticated and stylish way to light up a room. They work especially well with high ceilings and in landing areas. Similarly with lamps, there are so many different styles of pendant lighting to really create a wow-factor.

Multi-level pendants are one such way of doing this, from living rooms to breakfast bars and stairwells. They can also be accessorised to compliment different seasons of the year (how many pendant lights have you seen dressed up on Instagram for Christmas and Easter?) so the options for artistic creativity really are endless.

A Classic Chandelier Or Matching Set

If we had the type of house to support a chandelier I would 100% be investing. They’re timeless, elegant and hark back to a grandeur of times gone by. There is something quite magisterial and ethereal when it comes to chandeliers and I’m sure we have all spent time gazing at them if we’ve ever come across one in real life. 

Using a chandelier to decorate your house is a great idea. However, you also need to keep the budget in mind. The brighter the chandelier, the more budget will be needed to keep it in tip top condition. If you need more light but do not have the budget for a large chandelier you can use a combination set of matching wall and ceiling lights options.

Abstract Lights

The beauty of modern design is that more or less anything goes. For the post-modernist house, abstract lighting can add to the unique design aesthetic and create something truly inspiring. If it sounds too adventurous, even the on-trend neon sign lighting represents abstract lights and will add a beautiful focal point to your living room.

Do beware however, since abstract lighting can end up being the centre of attention and may not necessarily create the atmosphere you’d like in a living room. Maybe best saved for a games room or teenage bedroom.

The Spotlight

Don’t discount the spotlight, which many of us would previously associate with a bit of a 90s throwback. They definitely serve their purpose and can also be stylish too. 

Bear in mind though that you do need to be super careful with the placement of the spotlight as whilst they can be great for task lighting, you may not want it to be the only source of light in a room.

Hopefully this gives some ideas of the way to use indoor lighting in your home. It’s always worth trying different options until you find something that works best for your style and space.

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