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I’m sure there’s meant to be an order in which you redecorate a room and starting off thinking about (and then buying) a lampshade when you have bare plastered walls and a floor with broken floorboards isn’t necessarily the way to do it.

I love ambient lighting, occasional floor or table lamps, or no lamps and just candles. I love stylish lights, muted lights, lights in places you wouldn’t expect them like garden steps, under kitchen cupboards or anywhere useful, discreet and romantic. A long-forgotten Bronte time of shadows, secrets and gloom would have been perfect for me whereas strip lighting and people who insist on turning every light in their living room on go straight into my Room 101. As do the previous owners of our house who left this selection for our amusement…

So now being grown up and all and able to afford pretty things and needing a serious amount of lights, my wishlist is slowly taking shape with the help of good old Pinterest, Etsy and the internet in general.

At the moment we’re working partly on the room which will be the office and idling away a non-spare hour or two I came across the amazing company which is Nuvarti, a bespoke design lighting studio based in the West Midlands. When I saw their impressive client list, I almost walked away assuming that every product would be budget-breaking but on further investigation and falling completely for their industrial lampshades, my heart was set. It’s worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page as I was able to take advantage of a cheeky holiday discount!

Small industrial lampshades at
Photo courtesy of Nuvarti

I cannot speak highly enough of my entire experience with Nuvarti – their products are currently sold via Etsy and Kate the shop owner is so lovely and helpful even with my requests to change details here and there. I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful powder-blue small industrial lampshade which will, at some point, take pride of place in our office. Currently it’s all boxed up waiting for me to fix the floor and paint the walls and ceilings. The list is never-ending.

Also on my wish-list although I haven’t yet seen it in person is this Arnold Pendant Light from

Arnold Pendant Light from
Photo courtesy of


I came across Made when we were looking for new sofas a few months ago and this light has stayed in my mind ever since. Again I love the industrial style of it and the range of colours and it would be perfect for our dining room as it currently is by creating a super focal point over the table.


The last light on my current wish list just has to be one of the fabulous chandeliers from Roast. I have been lusting after one of these for literally years, ever since a colleague of mine bought a run down house in Dulwich and had a chandelier made. They are, quite simply, stunning. Made to order using hand-blown glass means that no two chandeliers are the same

Bespoke hand-blown glass chandeliers from Roast
Photo courtesy of Roast

At the moment a chandelier from Roast is about as much a pipe dream as the extension we want to build across the back to house it – we have no time and no money. However, we plan on being here for the rest of our days so a girl can dream, right?

A small and inexpensive change that we did make was switching out the old non-working light outside the front door for a more modern sensor-driven light. We picked it up from B&Q for around £30 and it comes on and switches off automatically once it’s dark and someone approaches the front door with both and up and down glow.

I think my light fetish has been sated for now whilst we focus on other projects – hopefully by this time tomorrow our horrible old ceramic hob will have been replaced with a lovely gas one which I can actually use to do something other than heat up soup!

What are your furnishings fetishes? I’d love to see your decorating/DIY/home projects.

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  1. September 14, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    Last year I wanted – for very practical reasons, not anything especially related to fashion – find a hanging light I saw in a TV show. It’s a simple design really, but I looked and looked but they seem to be a nearly negative percentage of the market. I fell into researching the feasibility of making my own, which would be easy enough but I didn’t have time (and then got into a situation where buying even parts wasn’t in the budget).

    I ended up finding a couple of swanky floor lamps that work, kind of, for the space, but I’m still mulling over creating my own. Who knows, maybe I can make them to sell too some day.

    • Lins
      September 17, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      You should definitely think about making your own, there are some very clever people out there doing fabulous things with industrial parts!

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