Why January Is Perfect For A Very British Hygge

A Very British Hygge

Christmas has been and gone for another year and all that remains is the long, grey dark days of January and February whilst we wait for the first signs of spring. Imagine though that instead of wishing the days away, we got on board with ‘A Very British Hygge‘ and made the most of every day? It would definitely make the time more enjoyable don’t you think?

Hygge is a word that has literally been everywhere. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably shouldn’t read any further 😉 We’re so familiar with associating it with our Scandinavian cousins but we shouldn’t let them have all the fun. After all, I think we’re all capable of appreciating the little joys in every day life that help each of us achieve our own sense of happiness and well-being which is what Simon Sinclair explains in his book, ‘A Very British Hygge’.

One of the reasons I write my Monday Catch-Up posts which are normally weekly is to focus on the little happy moments there have been in the week before. Working full-time, leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark, dealing with commuting – all things that can grind us down and make us forget to choose happiness and be grateful. Simon sums it up perfectly:

‘Scientists have long recognised a link between being thankful for what you have and being happy. Hygge is not a thing that can be bought or held onto. It’s an approach to life – it’s about creating an atmosphere or environment that promotes warmth, peace, security, togetherness, tranquility and contentment. You’ll know it next time you get the feeling. And when you do, just take your time and enjoy it’

Here are some of my favourite ways to indulge in A Very British Hygge as we wait for spring!

Country Pub Walks

Although being cold is not my favourite activity, we have an active dog who loves to get out and about no matter what. Finding a cosy country pub with a log fire and taking her for a walk is a perfect way to get a little exercise and appreciate the countryside.

The Cricketers Arms Rickling Green

Rickling Green

Enjoy A Bubble Bath

Whilst our two bathrooms are very much still a work in progress, our main bathroom looks a lot more inviting now than it did this time last year. For convenience it’s showers all the way for me but every once in a while there’s nothing better than taking a long, hot soak and washing away the day’s cares.

A Very British Hygge

Whip Up A Comforting Soup

It’s been a few months now since I adopted a mainly vegan food lifestyle and it’s enabled me to enjoy a new found love of cooking. Soup is such an easy and nutritious go-to, especially on cold, winter days.

A Very British Hygge

Treat Yourself To Fresh Flowers

Don’t flowers just instantly brighten up even the greyest day? I’ve been working with Bloomon for the past few weeks who send the most dreamy seasonal bouquets to your door and definitely make me stop to appreciate their beauty.

A Very British Hygge

I don’t know about you, I’m properly sold on the idea of A Very British Hygge. Let’s embrace it head on and appreciate the best moments in every little day!

A Very British Hygge

Post in collaboration with Everest Windows. All words and images are my own unless otherwise stated. 

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