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Heals Edizioni Italiane

It’s been 5 years since we spent an idyllic long-weekend in Florence for our 5th wedding anniversary. Italy, il mio amore. Love the food, love the people, love the culture, love the country. For somewhere that’s so high on my dreamy destinations, it’s amazing we don’t visit more regularly. So when Italy comes to London and in particular, the iconic Heal’s department store, well that’s just combining interiors and culture altogether. Now, if we could just do something about the weather…

The Edizioni Italiane is currently running at Heal’s until February 19th, a celebration of Italian design and culture featuring brands such as Zanotta, Amalfi and Hepburn to name but a few. On a rainy Tuesday evening after work I popped along to the press launch, sampling the most delicious canapes from Chuffed and Stuffed (how good is that name?!) as well as taking an exclusive look at the collections and watching artist Anna Laurini work on one of her masterpieces in store.

Heals Italian Collection

Heals Edizioni Italiane

Heals Edizioni Italiane

For me, Heal’s is the perfect designer showcase for such an edit, having been designing, making and selling quality furniture for more than two centuries. It’s the place I would quite possibly live in if I ever won the EuroMillions but in the unlikely event of that happening, it’s one of my favourite places to visit and admire from afar although we were so enamoured with this lampshade from the Cohen collection¬†in copper on one of our last visits that it’s now hanging in our hallway (scroll back through my Instagram feed and you shall find it).

Here’s what they have to say about the new collection:

From rich buttery Italian leather to luxurious slabs of carrara marble, the diverse arts, crafts and design history of Italy’s 20 regions has helped establish it as one of the leading powerhouses in design. A celebration of the finest in Italian design and craftmanship, Edizioni Italiane is a homage to the greats of Italian design as well as our own Heal’s products designed and made in Italy.

If you fancy getting a little more hands-on, there is a programme of events to accompany the edit from pasta-making and Campari cocktail masterclasses to a pop-up Italian Food Market so the complete immersive experience if, like me, a trip to Tottenham Court Road is slightly more practical than a trip to Italy.

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