How To Have A Fantastic Vacation At Disney Resorts As An Adult

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Yes I hold my hands up – I’m a bit of a big kid at heart and think it keeps me young! I went to Disney World in Florida as a child in the 80s and then we went to Disneyland in California as part of our honeymoon when I was in my 20s! Disney is loved by kids and adults alike, so there’s no reason that you can’t have a great time at its resorts whether you’re eight years old, or 80.

With that in mind, here are some tips for grown-ups who are young at heart like me and want to have the best time when vacationing at one of Disney’s must-visit destinations.

Maximising Your Time At The Parks For Maximum Fun

Planning your day out at a Disney park helps to make sure you’re making the most of your time. You may not have time to see it all, so mapping out where you want to go and what attractions are a must-see in advance using a travel app is a good idea. This way, there won’t be any wasted time stuck waiting in long lines or aimlessly wandering around, especially if the weather is very warm.

Take a look at the official site for the resort you’re visiting, check out the map of the location, find out about the attractions on offer, and decide which ones you simply have to experience, and which you can skip over if time is tight.

It may also be worth paying extra to use the Lightning Lanes on popular rides if multiple days are being spent visiting different parks. This will allow access to certain popular rides with minimal queue times, and who doesn’t love that idea?

Also be sure not to miss out on extra features either, which include exclusive fireworks shows and character meet & greets. Just look up what’s going on during your visit before heading off, and you’ll be up to speed in an instant.

Making The Most Of Your Vacation Budget – Spend Wisely, Play Hard

Disney parks are known for being quite expensive if you don’t plan ahead. To get the most out of your money, it’s wise to book tickets via a service like Park Savers, which lets you plan your trip to popular themed parks in the US without breaking the bank.

Also, think about where meals are going to come from and how much they’ll cost. Although dining inside each park is very convenient and tasty, especially with their themed restaurants, it can often prove costly. Having a few snacks throughout the day that were purchased outside beforehand will definitely help on the penny saving.

Another tip is to consider booking accommodation away from the resort itself to save on costs if budget is a major concern. There are plenty of hotels in the vicinity that offer great deals all year round, while still providing access to the magical atmosphere Disney has created.Don’t forget about taking advantage of any discounts available either, whether it’s for merchandise or attractions. A little bit of research can go a long way in helping to stretch a budget and we all love a little bit of financial literacy.

Taking Advantage of Special Events And Extra Activities Just For Adults

Disney knows how to keep the adults entertained. Throughout the year there are special events taking place at both parks and resorts that are geared towards adult clientele, such as ‘Epcot International Food & Wine Festival’ or the Run Disney marathons.

These can be great opportunities for all age groups to come together to celebrate something unique, but also a chance for adults to enjoy some extra activities just for them.

If you’re visiting during Christmas time, then make sure not to miss out on Candlelight Processional, which is an amazing show featuring singers from different backgrounds along with a live orchestra playing traditional holiday music.

There are even a few outdoor activities like parasailing and boating around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, which can offer up breathtaking views. Whatever your interests may be, Disney has it covered.

Bringing Friends Along For The Ride

It’s perfectly possible to enjoy Disney resorts solo, but it’s definitely more fun if you’ve got a group of adult friends together to share the adventure with.

Everyone’s lives can get hectic as we get older, so try to organise this trip well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Also remember that you can take advantage of group discounts when traveling and staying together, which is another budget-friendly option to consider.

However you handle your Disney vacation, know that you won’t be judged whether you are going to a resort as a child-free adult, or arriving with a litter of kids in tow.

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