How To Choose Gifts For Your Loved Ones: Six Tips To Follow

Valentine's Gifts

With Mother’s Day on Sunday and Easter in a couple of weeks, it feels like there’s always an excuse to treat our loved ones and buy them gifts. I don’t know about you though, but I sometimes find it so hard to know what to buy – there’s so much choice in the internet age that it can be hard to know what to choose. 

There are some things though to keep at the front of your mind when planning gifts which will hopefully make buying easier and leave you full of inspiration.

Know Your Recipient

Knowing the person you’re giving a present to helps you choose something meaningful. Finding a present that will provide genuine joy requires insight into someone’s character. Think about their passions and requirements and think about the occasion. Whether you’re shopping for birthday presents, Mother’s Day gifts or anniversary tokens, putting thought and care into your gift is the first essential step. Is there something they’ve been talking about for a while that you can get for them for example same day glasses at

Pay attention to your friends and family when they’re talking about their likes and hobbies or if you go to visit. What colours do they like? What style do they have? If they have a passion for cooking, you may give them a cookbook written by their idol. You may also get them a basic t-shirt or a minimalist piece of jewelry if that’s their style. If they enjoy customised items, consider gifting them a custom tumbler. This unique and personalised item could be the perfect gift to match their style and preferences.

Set A Budget

Selecting presents for loved ones requires careful budgeting. It’s easy to overspend especially if you’re buying for children or maybe you’re in a new relationship. It’s a good idea to write a list of all the people you’re responsible for buying presents for – eg if it’s Christmas, the burden often falls on women for doing all the family and friends planning. 

Once you have a list it’s easier to plan and stick to that budget. That way no–one gets forgotten and it’s much easier to make sure you don’t overspend.

Consider The Occasion

Always remember the event’s significance while shopping for a present for a loved one. A present for a special birthday might be more extra than a regular birthday for example, which in turn would be different for a wedding gift or new baby gift. 

Sometimes though there can be a present “just because” and often these are a joy as they’re unexpected and show even more that you’re thinking of your friend or family member at a random time.

Choose A Meaningful Gift

When picking up a present for someone, it’s thoughtful to consider their tastes. Personalising items especially with monograms (think stationery for example) helps the receiver connect to their gift. There is a strong emotional connection to specific presents. Examples of these presents include handwritten notes and cherished family heirlooms like a vintage engagement ring or necklace.

Giving a personalized t-shirt is a wonderful gift to give to a loved one. You can print an inside joke or a picture of a cherished moment on it. It’ll really add a personal touch to a simple gift.

You might also purchase them a gift they’ve wanted. This can be the latest piece of technology or a book by their favorite author. Do not buy a gift card or anything else that the recipient may not like or find useful. It’s more likely to be appreciated if you put some effort into making it a thoughtful present.

Consider Practicality

Considering usefulness is essential when picking up presents for loved ones. Yes, it’s easy to give a present that is whimsical. But practical presents are typically more appreciated. This is because of the value they provide long after the initial thrill of getting them has worn off.

For instance, they might look for a device to make spherical ice cubes if they love entertaining or cocktails. An ice ball maker could be a perfect gift, elevating their at-home bar experience and offering a fun talking point with guests. This gift combines practicality with a touch of luxury, which can be a delightful surprise. 

Think of something the receiver can use. This can be necessities for the kitchen or closet staples. For example, a new culinary gadget or a comfortable sweater may be well-received. You’re showing that you care about their day-to-day requirements and appreciate the stage of their lives where something practical might be more meaningful.

In addition to these, another practical gift alternative that can be well-received is a key holder. Key holders can help keep the receiver’s keys organized and easily accessible, and there are many different types of key holders available to choose from. One option is the multiple key holder from KeySmart, which can hold up to 14 keys and also includes a 2x brighter flashlight. This key holder is compact and lightweight, making it a great option for those who are always on the go.

Get Creative

Creative, out-of-the-box thinking is always a bonus when selecting presents for loved ones. Give them an experience or a membership that either leaves fabulous memories or is more long-lasting than just a one-off occasion. You can also give them something handcrafted instead of the typical presents.

Concert tickets, a day at the spa, or a cooking class are all examples of experiences you may give to a loved one. They demonstrate how much you appreciate spending time with them. A year subscription to a magazine they love or monthly food subscription is also a great idea. If you’re crafty or enjoy making things, you can personalise a present by making it yourself which always demonstrates so much meaning.

Never forget how much the recipient will love their gift – after all, it’s the thought that counts!

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  1. December 7, 2023 / 5:49 am

    The reminder to consider experiences as gifts is spot on. In a world where we often accumulate so many things, creating memories together is truly priceless. Your personal anecdotes and examples make the tips feel relatable and practical.

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