How To Get Creative With Your Gift Giving

Giving a gift to someone you care about is always a thoughtful thing to do, but it can be even more thoughtful for the both of you if you take the time to really get it right and that means getting even more creative with your presents, to up your gift-giving game.

That being the case, let’s take a look at a few things you can do to get more creative with your presents right now:

DIY Or Die Trying

First off, there’s nothing quite like a handmade gift to show you really care. And no, you don’t need to be the next Picasso or Mary Berry to pull this off. Think simple but thoughtful. Homemade candles, a knitted scarf (wonky edges add character, trust me), or even a jar of your legendary chutney can be the perfect way to say, “I made this, just for you.” The internet is bursting with DIY tutorials, so take the plunge.

The Gift Of Experiences

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best gifts aren’t things but memories. Why not gift an experience? It could be something wild like bungee jumping (for the brave), a pottery class (for the artsy), or tickets to a cheese-tasting event (because, cheese). It’s about creating moments that’ll be reminisced about for years to come, and maybe even laughed over if the experience involves wearing a hairnet.

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise

There’s something magical about a personalised gift. I’m talking about beyond just slapping a name on a mug. How about a custom illustration of their beloved pet, private plates for their beloved car, a car touch up paint or maybe even a book that stars them in an adventure? These gifts show you’ve gone that extra mile to make something unique just for them, and that is something no one can resist showing their appreciation for.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This one’s a tear-jerker. Compile a scrapbook or a digital slideshow of your favourite memories together whatever they may be. Include photos, little notes, tickets from places you’ve visited, or anything that screams ‘nostalgia’ and shows the connection between the two of you over the years. It’s a truly heartwarming way to celebrate your relationship and show how much you treasure those shared moments you’ve enjoyed in one another’s company.

Subscription Boxes: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Subscription boxes are like monthly Christmas mornings. Whether it’s gourmet coffee, books, or even eco-friendly beauty products, there’s a subscription box for every interest under the sun. It’s a gift that reminds them every month just how awesome you think they are.

Mystery And Intrigue: The Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery? Organise a scavenger hunt that leads to their gift. Each clue could be a riddle or a reference to an inside joke. The final treasure could be anything from concert tickets to a picnic in the park. It’s the excitement and the build-up that make this gift unforgettable.

A Green Thumb’s Dream

For the plant lovers in your life, how about a ‘grow-your-own’ kit? It could be herbs, vegetables, or even a bonsai tree. It’s a gift that literally grows and reflects the growing affection you have for them. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for them to post more #PlantParent content.

The Culinary Twist

If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, why not prepare a homemade meal or a series of themed dinners? You could recreate dishes from a favourite holiday or from a country they dream of visiting. It’s a taste adventure from the comfort of home!

Craft A Playlist

In the age of streaming, a thoughtfully crafted playlist can be a beautiful, nostalgic nod to the mixtapes of yore. Tailor it to their taste, add songs from key moments in your relationship, or introduce them to new tunes. It’s a modern mixtape that says, “I hear you.”

Adopt A Star, A Vine Or A Penguin

Adopting a star, a vineyard vine, or even a penguin in their name can be a quirky yet sweet gesture. It’s unusual, sure, but it’s also a fun way to give a gift that’s quite literally out of this world, or at least, a bit off the beaten track.

As you can seem it really is possible to up your gift-giving game by getting much more creative with the process, and doing so not only results in a much happier recipient, but it can also make the process a lot more fun and rewarding for you too!

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