Dream Dinner With Miele And Skye Gyngell

Miele Passion Event

When someone else makes dinner, it’s pretty much life goals right there. When it happens to be Michelin chef Skye Gyngell? Even better. And when it takes place during the most wonderful evening at the Miele Customer Experience centre in Marylebone? Well, I’m pretty much in heaven. Lucky me to have experienced all of this just a couple of weeks ago!

Miele Passion Event

Miele is one of those brands which most people have heard of. My Mum swore by them when I was growing up and now Pete and I are also Miele appliance owners. We have the Miele Cat & Dog vacuum because really, nothing else will do in a household with our boisterous three year old Springer Maddie and mad as a hatter 10 month old kitten, Boo.

As our kitchen is yet to be renovated, we’re not fortunate enough to have an oven we actually want. Ever the innovators, Miele have introduced The Perfection Series, a range of steam ovens to revolutionise the way that we cook, all from the comfort and convenience of our own home. The Miele DGC6660XXL steam combination oven gives:

‘Perfectly precise professional results every time. Offering the best of both worlds: the healthy, delicate touch of steam cooking and the versatility of a conventional oven, all in one harmonious design. Enjoy fluffy, crusty breads; moist, tender meats with crispy skin, and the perfect creme brulee every time.’

The Miele freestanding DG6010 steam oven is:

‘The ideal choice for situations where it is not possible to have a built-in model or where space is at a premium. With a temperature range of 40-100C, you can prepare a wide range of produce including meat, fish, pasta, rice, pulses, vegetables and eggs with perfect results.’

We were treated to a three course meal courtesy of Australian born Skye, Head Chef at London’s Spring Restaurant at Somerset House. Known for her distinctively seasonal elegant cooking, her creations used a mix of sous vide and steaming methods whilst also showcasing exceptional bread, which can be made using Miele’s Combination Steam Oven.

Miele Passion Menu

Miele Passion Skye Gyngell

I couldn’t understand how such results could be achieved using steaming methods but every course was sumptuous, cooked to perfection and full of taste and flavour. Paired with equally gorgeous wines, it was a masterclass in how to think outside the box and get creative in the kitchen. The recipes course by course are available over at the Miele blog:

Steamed Asparagus with Hollandaise and Bottarga

Cod With Seaweed, Courgette Flowers and Cucumber

Farro Tart With Gariguette Strawberries and Espresso Caramel

Miele Skye Gyngell Cod

Miele Skye Gyngell Farro Tart

As part of their customer experience and especially for home renovators like me, Miele offer expert advice on which appliance is right for you via a free consultation at either their centre in Marylebone or Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Clients can take part in Taste for Design courses that make planning your kitchen an experience to relish. Whether you slip on an apron and get hands-on on you prefer to watch the Miele experts at work, there’s a session tailored for everyone.

Miele Passion Event

I’m also delighted to say that if you would like to purchase the DG6010 freestanding steam oven, RRP £799, you can use code CRQ8438898 for £200 off until the end of 2017! What a generous offer and the perfect way to have some luxury design in your own kitchen.

Here is a little video from Miele linked via my YouTube channel so you can see the steam ovens in action!

Thank you so much to Miele for inviting to take part in their ‘Precision. Passion. Perfection’ event. All words and images are either my own or those of Miele.

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  1. March 25, 2017 / 12:41 am

    The MENU looks promising and moreover you wrote such a beautiful post that I felt i was there with you. 🙂 I am going to this place this weekend for sure.


    • Lins
      April 2, 2017 / 10:17 pm

      Thank you!

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