Designing A Cosy Bedroom With Minimalist Interior


Autumn is very definitely here and even though we’ve had some gorgeous warm days, the mornings and nights are noticeably chilly. Now is the time of year when my favourite place to be in the evenings is curled up in bed with a good book or Netflix and bedrooms can be the cosiest of sanctuaries. But how do we make sure they’re the relaxing, inviting places we want them to be? One way is to add some minimalist decor into the mix with cozy bedding and other small touches of comfort.

The Perfect Bedding

Never underestimate the importance of a great mattress and pillows, which can be hard to achieve if you’re sharing your bed with someone else. Both should be supportive and ideally hypoallergenic if possible, the dust that accumulates over time doesn’t even warrant thinking about. Bed linen and bed sizes should be whatever you feel most comfortable with – I’d love to try linen but Pete is a little bit reluctant. In general cotton is a good solution which allows good air circulation and feels soft.

Minimalist prints in frames

Framed prints serve as elegant focal points in a cozy yet minimalist bedroom, infusing personality and charm into the space without cluttering its serene atmosphere. Opting to DIY the printing and framing process empowers you to curate a personalized gallery wall tailored to your taste, ensuring that every piece reflects your unique style and vision for the room. For high-quality printing paper that brings out the best in your artwork, Red River Paper offers a wide selection of options designed to meet your specific needs and enhance the visual impact of your framed prints.


If you want to add some life and colour to your bedroom, consider adding plants. They are a great way to inject a bit of green into the room which is a naturally calming colour and have wonderful benefits for your health and well-being

  • Plants can help purify the air in your home. 
  • They can help with stress relief. Studies show that spending time in nature reduces stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate and producing higher levels of serotonin—the feel-good hormone that makes us happy
Curtain Dividers

Curtains aren’t solely for privacy, they can also be used as a flexible and stylish way to divide a room into two areas. If you have a large room that you’d like to divide into a sitting area and sleeping area, or a dressing area and sleeping area, curtains are a great option. They’re also the perfect addition to create a cosier atmosphere and with so much choice you can find some to match your existing decor. Consider voiles as a stylish option such as those available from Woodyatt net curtains. If you prefer one big open space for reading or watching TV, using curtains can help visually expand the size of your room by making it look bigger than it is. Try adding a gold accent wall mirror to the area where you’ll be sitting so that it reflects light and makes the space appear larger than it is.

The Chunky Knit Throw

I’m still determined to make one of these one day, but a chunky knit throw is one of the best ways to give your room a cosy feel. Knit blankets are warm, soft, comfortable and easy to clean although I’m also thinking I’d struggle to keep mine for me and not lose it to the cat.

Comfortable Rugs

We still have carpet on the floor in our bedroom but with two pets its not the most hygenic solution and I can’t wait for the day when we have a wood floor with rugs to soften the space. Again, they’re a great way to make the space feel cosier throughout the colder seasons and whether you have carpet or hard flooring, they help to break up the space. Depending on the material, most are fairly easy to keep clean too and some are even machine washable.


No room is complete without considering lighting and there are so many ways to achieve the perfect atmosphere. We have a couple of small overhead lights just above the bed which are perfect for reading, but my favourite choice for the bedroom are occasional/table lamps. No-one really wants bright or harsh lighting in a space that’s meant to be for relaxing and encouraging sleep and table lamps are the perfect solution. Depending on your decor style, fairy lights are also a popular choice for some ambience.

Mirrors can also help with lighting in the bedroom. By adding a wall-hanging floor mirror behind your bed or in the corner of your room, you can create the illusion of more space. The mirror will reflect sunlight or from lamps in the room, making it appear brighter than it actually is—which makes it feel bigger too.

Wooden Furniture

If you want classic furniture that can be used in many ways and will last a lifetime, you might want to choose wood. It’s strong, easy to clean, and simple to maintain. Wood also allows us to bring elements of nature in our homes, which can be important especially in bedrooms to help maintain a relaxing, calming environment. It’s also a much warmer material than metal.

Sheer Curtains

If you feel net curtains can be a little bit traditional, sheer curtains are a much more modern and stylish alternative. They are also fairly inexpensive and a great budget alternative if perhaps you have black-out blinds but want something a bit softer to compliment. The other benefit they have is their ability to diffuse harsh lighting to help create a softer glow.

I have a few seasonal updates I’d like to make to our bedroom based around this but of course, it’s part of a very long list of home decor improvements so who knows if I’ll actually get there. After all, there’s a lot of Netflix to watch…!

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