Safe And Sound: The Benefits Of uPVC Doors and Windows

Before I start, I completely appreciate that uPVC isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, with most detractors thinking they take away character appeal from our homes. However, as someone who lives in a somewhat period home (1930’s) and has replaced our previous dilapidated windows with more up-to-date uPVC alternatives, there can be a number of benefits to making the space feel even more comfortable than before and here’s why I’m a fan of these types of windows and doors.

Ability to adjust

You may notice that your doors aren’t fitting correctly, or that the cold is coming in. Rather than needing to have them replaced, it is possible to adjust upvc door hinges yourself. I’m a big fan of learning DIY skills and they’re often more straightforward than you would expect. Each make and model of window or door may have a different means of adjusting so take your time, read any manufacturer’s instructions and try good old YouTube. They definitely don’t always need replacing though, a professional should be able to make any small adjustments if you come unstuck.


We’re more conscious than ever before about choices we make for our homes as we focus more on the environment with renovation decisions. uPVC doors and windows can be a great option in terms of sustainability. The material can be recycled meaning that at the end of its life, it may not be sent to a landfill site.

Additionally, they tend to have a fairly generous lifespan. As a general rule, uPVC windows and doors could last between 20 and 30 years, indicating good value for money and giving us peace of mind for decades. They’re also very straightforward to keep clean with little to no maintenance required – we just clean ours with water and cloths so avoiding the use of chemicals.

Security and sound

Windows and doors have a number of functions. Aside from the obvious, they can also help regulate the temperature in our homes and keep the heat in.

At the same time, they can also be used to make our homes safer and more comfortable because uPVC windows and doors can help to prevent unauthorised entry especially when compared to other types of windows. All our windows now have locks and this led to our home insurance costs going down as the windows are far more secure than the ones we replaced them with.

We’ve also noticed how they can reduce some of the outside noise. We don’t live on a main road so it’s by no means a fail-safe form of noise cancelling but compared to the windows we had before it’s a significant help in soundproofing our home.

Changing windows and doors won’t always be the most straightforward decision and we’ve had to do ours in stages over the years to save up because I had no idea how much it would cost when we first started out on our renovation journey. But I have no doubt that its been the right decision for us. Don’t forget too that you can still aim for a period look as we have done, matching the era of our home, and these days they also come in array of colours allowing you to get creative!

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  1. November 15, 2023 / 5:52 pm

    This article is very informative when it comes to considering uPVC doors and windows. These are the things that we should consider when buying a door or window.

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