Cooking: Deliciously Ella’s Buddha Bowl


Pete is now more than half way through his 3 month Men’s Health #mhtransform programme and it’s incredible what a difference its made already and still 5 weeks to go! I’m so proud of him for not just sticking to it but positively embracing it.

Whilst he’s been all consumed with eating pretty much the same thing meal after meal, its given me the opportunity to try out some of my new cookbooks which have been gifts from friends in general as well as for Christmas and birthday. I now have both Deliciously Ella’s books as well as Hemsley and Hemsley and several gluten free books so there’s no lack of recipe inspiration in our house.

I’ve tried a few recipes now from Ella’s second book and far from being expensive which is some people’s claim they are SUCH good value because her portion sizes are so big that they last me typically double what they say in the book. A recent risotto said it made for 6 and I ended up bagging and freezing individual portions because in my very healthy appetite world it still made for 10.

The most recent dish I tried was the “Buddha Bowl“, full of fibre and incredible flavours and colours – mashed avocado sprinkled with spicy chilli flakes; sauteed spinach, black beans, miso paste, garlic and tomato puree, and the softest brown rice.

Miso paste was a struggle to find and did seem pricey at £4 a jar but the recipe only required 2 teaspoons and as it keeps for 2 months, there will definitely be a few more buddha bowls in the making.

This is a new firm favourite – there are so many positive things which have come out of my gluten allergy diagnosis last autumn and whilst my road to recovery is still ongoing, I would never go back to eating gluten. I’m so much more willing to experiment and try new flavours and as a result mealtimes are much tastier than they’ve ever been.

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  1. Lucy
    February 23, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    Oh wow it does look really tasty! Great to know the portions go further than expected. I might have to try the Ella books, after a few initial successes with H&H we’ve become really disappointed with everything else we’ve tried 🙁
    Sounds like Pete’s doing amazingly well, will he get to be in the magazine at the end of it? X

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